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Please, please, please give an option to set the width of the scroll bar in Firefox. It's so narrow that about 50% of the time when I try to drag it down, I end up dragging down the whole window. I'm sure it's nice for those who have their smartphone welded to their palm, but some of us still use PCs occasionally, and it's so annoying I usually just use the Page Down key, making the scroll bar pointless. I can't imagine anyone with less than great vision even trying to use Firefox because of this.

Strollin' around

If someone has a visual disability, then everything on the whole screen would either need to be enlarged, enhanced, or contrasted. Those accessibility settings are done at the OS level.

This issue is the scrollbar in relation to everything else.

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Firefox!!! It is unbelievable that NOBODY fixed this cursed skinny scroll bar yet. It is almost the end of 2023.
You may have not too many comments on this page, because most of us know that just writing about it in forums is 98% useless, and many do not even want to create an account just to voice their opinion.

There are thousands of people who have the same problem. Many have poor eyesight and hand coordination. Pass this ON already.

It is fine for the scroll bar to be skinny when NOT in use, but any mouse hover over it should expand it to 1/4" when it IS used. That would be the correct size. Make this happen, PLEASE.

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Tony-H,.. I agree with your comment, and actually I registered this account only to make my comment. It really would be helpful to have this scroll-bar-width topic sorted. I am supporting companies migrating from Windows away to Linux, and in all cases we use Firefox. And yes, about 80% of all users ask me on how to change the width for the firefox and thunderbird scroll-bar.

Kindly I want to place my request to the dev team of FF, please have this implemented. It might be a small thing but with a big effect for user friendly experience.

Best and bless.. Timothy

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The side toolbar of the web page is too thin and cannot be clicked with the mouse!
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Many websites don't use "native scrollbars" at all, so updating this customization only will help only at scrollbar at window. But still I will ask for this customization.

One overlooked use case of vertical scrollbar is an estimate of how much of a long thread or long article left to read or where you at long page ever - how long to scroll to footer, where some sites place things like Impressum, Contact Us, or even language switchers.

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I found it! Do what jscher2000 recommended and, while you are on the about:config page, do another search but for "widget.non-native-theme.scrollbar.size.override" . You can enter a number in there; i chose 50 and it's large but not HUGE. I bet you can work from there as a starting point, though! Good luck, and thank you for asking the same question as I have been as a new user!

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One way out is to use Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome, Edge respects the Windows settings, Chrome has a wider scroll bar, about twice the Windows size



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Your mouse has a scroll wheel, use it.

If you don't have a mouse, buy one.

I use a computer 10+ hours a day and haven't intentionally clicked a scroll bar in probably 15 years.

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@nlI use mouse all the time.

The main use for scrollbar for me are two actions:

1) see where I am at long article. Sometimes I want to know where I am at article length, like will I have enough time to read the whole article at lunch. And single way to know that is to try to activate scrollbar, by scrolling forth and back.

b) When i want to climb down to page footer with mouse, e. g. to see link to site Impressum page, the scrollbar is fastest way to do so.

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If I were using a desktop or even a laptop at a desk, that might be an acceptable solution; however, I don't even have a desk and typically use my computer with it sitting on my lap.  Therefore, a mouse is NOT an option.

Don't make assumptions about other people's needs or why they want things a certain way.  You invariably ram your foot all the way down your throat.