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Making moves
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Hi, recently I just start to use Firefox...again. So, I notice Firefox already have the feature where user can register and login to sync their browser settings, but not all apparently. Please sync all settings once the user login to Firefox browser, like bookmarks, saved passwords, browsing history, browser appearances (light theme, dark theme, customized toolbar), so that when I use Firefox in another PC/laptop, I just need to login to my Firefox browser, and it will be appeared 100% exactly like the previous Firefox in my previous PC/laptop. Chrome does this, and I hope Firefox will too.

Making moves

Very supportive!

Making moves

Very Supportive!


Hi all,

Thanks for your feedback! We are continuously growing and improving our sync capabilities so your input can really help us prioritize to best meet your needs! So as the next step, I'd love to gather some more insights and details.

1- The main use case mentioned here is "needing to adjust settings manually with every new login or install", and browser appearances (theme, customized toolbar) is called out as a useful sync option. What other settings types would you find most useful to sync? Please share your top 1-2.
2- Are there any other use cases (other than a new login or install) that come to mind when you think about missing sync features?

Looking forward to hearing back from you all!

-Accounts Product Lead

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@vesta0 Ideally, it is a full backup of profiles.

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I’d like to see literally every customization I make — toolbars, settings, about:config, extensions, etc, etc — synced so that when I install FF on a new computer I am instantly back in business after that first sync with an EXACT duplicate setup.

Obviously, this applies to the desktop program primarily, since mobile FF can be configured in 60 seconds, but if mobile setting could also persist that would be helpful.

One particular group of settings that should persist through new installations involves Mozilla telemetry and Studies. Most people probably leave that stuff on by default and are fine with defaults. But to those who turn them off for privacy, the fact that they come back on after every install seems like a slap in the face — or at least self-serving. It’s not a good look from a PR perspective. 

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It would be very nice, to inform the Users that the Sync Function does not save any of your Passwords and those Stuff to a new OS.
In my case I lost all Passwords from the last 7 years (Bank Account, Facebook, Shops, and so much more) as I thought they are "Safe"

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I would love if the config of extensions could be synced.

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This is a very good idea, and I can also suggest some use cases. To me, mostly are "Allow to run in a private window" options and some customized settings.

For example:

I don't care about cookies/Return YouTube Dislikes/YouTube NonStop/Privacy Badger/etc. - allow running in a private window option

Enhancer for YouTube - Customized themes and allow running in a private window option

Grammarly/Grammar & Spell Checker login information sync - no longer need to login again on a newly installed device

uBlock/Adguard - whitelist and run in a private window option

Also, please be aware of backfire - if an extension or its setting messes up and causes Firefox to crash on launch, we need a fail-safe option or someway we can turn that extension off automatically in case of crashing.


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Great idea. As a minimum : bookmarks (as today) passwords, history, and main settings (such as privacy, homepage, search engine...).

I suppose extensions, and some hardware relevant settings, are not so easy to sync between desktop and mobile apps and/or from Windows to Apple, ... So, please, if it's a blocking point, don't throw away the idea, but reduce the scope.


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Hi, @vesta0 , thanks a lot for your answer.

I see there are a certain number of proposals already so I just wanna add that to better satisfy everybody maybe a main issue would be to allow the user to choose what to sync and what not in a future bigger menu?

I guess the desires of more technical users are not necessary similar to some other majority...

Kind regards (and best of lucks 😉