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Status: New idea

Hello to Mozilla Community,

Current stable version (102.12.0) and NEW beta version (115.0b4) of Thunderbird, doesn't support Right to Left typing and alignment for Right to Left (RTL) languages. older versions had private extensions which mostly supported it.

Emails, words and characters written in RTL context are getting mixed up.

please consider to add this feature to Thunderbird.


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While you wait for the Mozilla community to wake up to the fact a significant proportion of the world population use RTL. You might like to use the addon for Thunderbird.

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It's really sad to see Thunderbird still doesn't support RTL in 2023, and if it was not because of BiDi mail ui extension, I'd have not ever used it. Also sad that this one don't have much votes 😞

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Indeed it is very annoying that Thunderbird does not automatically add the option for Hebrew and Arabic writing. 

I had the extension, but my computer broke down and now I have to find and download the extension again on a laptop. The link in the comment does not work unfortunately. Where can I find this extension now?

Thanks for help ~ Dorith Carmeli

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Supporting bidirectional text (both RTL and LTR) in Thunderbird email compose is necessary. Though there's an extension for it, it would be much better to have native support for it.

These days many office programs and Email managers have it (including Roundcube, Outlook, etc)



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there are several languages that require support for RTL and Bidirectional text. including several ones written in Arabic script (eg. Arabic, Persian, Uyghur, Kurdish, etc.) and some other scripts like Hebrew.

for a modern app, Thunderbird needs this compatibility too.

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This is such a basic requirement, I won't even call it a "feature"