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Making moves
Status: New idea

  Mozilla needs to return lockwise or make a new better password manager outside of firefox. If you ask me i find a password manger outside a browser safer then inside a browser because it's more secured. If someone disagree with me i like to know why.  I don't know why mozilla stopped lockwise because in my eyes it was a great password manager.      


Anytime @Jeppie, I can point you to the Bug 1792433 "Implement support for synced application credentials (passkeys)"  to track how passkeys work is happening.

Strollin' around

Would be nice if Lockwise returned with a complete set of features for a password manager. It would be great to have relay integration with Lockwise as well. Make Lockwise a true password manager and premium feature that can be used across apps and platforms. 

Making moves

Yeah, it's a shame that Firefox Lockwise was removed as a separate service. Integrating the password manager with a browser makes sense, but it also limits its use - there are situations when I want access to a password without opening the browser, particularly on mobile.

Google has recently added the option of a desktop shortcut for Google Password Manager, so it might look like they're trying to make it a little more separate from the browser itself. Mozilla could perhaps reuse the Lockwise branding (about:logins isn't exactly a great name), and make it so that you can access it from a shortcut outside of the browser, as a start.

Though obviously, I think that returning Lockwise as a separate app with full password manager features would be great and is a market that could be explored by Mozilla, particularly since other longstanding players have had reputation issues - and Mozilla as a brand is easily associated with privacy.

Strollin' around

Lockwise was just nice and simple. I was planning on switching to Lockwise once it had implemented missing features like saving arbitrary text notes/memos with a set of credentials (recovery keys, pin numbers, etc) and had better password generation options.

Its hard for any normal user to set up Firefox on mobile to use as a password manager for the whole phone. And what if someone needs a password manager but hasn't decided to switch to Firefox for browsing yet?

Plus, password management seems to have good enterprise sale possibilities as seen with BitWarden, the other free/libre (open source) option sells functionality like credential sharing, or file attachments service like the now-sunset Firefox Send.