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Strollin' around
Status: New idea

A "Restart Browser" Button in the file dropdown menu right above the "Exit" button that would save and close every tab and window and restore then on restart.

I don't know if this idea has already been suggested or not and I'm way too tired to check. Either this idea will get implemented or it will get ignored. Or a whole bunch of trolls will come out of the woodwork to condemn me for daring to suggest something that's already been suggested and turned down, i don't care. Implement it or don't.

Status changed to: New idea
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Familiar face

I like this idea.


There is a pair of restart buttons on the `about:profiles` page --

  • Restart with Add-ons disabled...
  • Restart normally...

-- but that is very obscure and a Restart sub-menu on the main menu would make them more visible.

Making moves

Add a simple restart option to the menu



While not a button at the moment per se, there's some ideas being explored and the latest Nightly release includes a "quick actions" feature in the Awesome Bar. For example, beginning to type "restart" in the Awesome Bar will result in a Restart Nightly button that can restart the browser. Similarly, beginning to type "clear" will provide a suggestion to quickly clear your history. Other quick actions will be added in future releases.

You can try this new feature out yourself in the latest Nightly by setting the browser.urlbar.quickactions.enabled preference in about:config to true.  And of course, feedback is always welcome 😀

New member

still no progress on this issue

Strollin' around

In pre-apocalypse Firefox there was a variety of add-ons to achieve this in whichever way you chose. In Waterfox Classic I have one that inserts a restart button into the hamburger menu next to exit. Since the extension apocalypse it’s no longer possible for an add-on to do this: all the add-ons that exist are ugly things that need external software to achieve a task that Firefox is perfectly capable of doing entirely by itself.

I have no objection to this being an add-on, but add-ons need the ability to invoke a restart if needed, for example if you just need to clear down Firefox’s memory footprint.

New member

"Restart button" in Mozilla Firefox Web Browser

Please add a "Restart button" in the Mozilla Firefox Web Browser under the "Help" menu.

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Community Manager

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