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Making moves
Status: New idea

This feature makes the drag and dropping of tabs into a new window much quicker and much more responsive.

This is a feature that's also in Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. This will also not make the users unclick the mouse to make tabs into a new window. Please see the video below for more information about this idea.

New member

The lack of this feature is the reason I stopped using firefox in the first place.

It seems like such a small thing but it makes a huge difference in user experience.

New member

Just wanted to pop in here and say that I was switching to Firefox to give it a real try, and the tab drag to new window feature missing is a deal breaker. Shame because the Android app looks good, but gotta sync desktop/mobile.


Uninstalling FF, back to Chrome I go. Let me know when this changes, I'd love to try again.

New member

Working on macOS Ventura 13.5.2 and Firefox 117.0.1 64 bit. Drag a tab from an existing window to move it to a new window works, but the outline of the new window is very small, so you never know until you let go where the new window is going to fall.  So you invariably have a 2nd action to move the window around in order to fit is where you want it on screen. Requesting an enhancement that the outline (ghost) of the new window should match its size and ultimate location, and not be some tiny little square that has no relation to the size it is going to be. You can compare the Google Chrome and Firefox move tab to new window functionality, and Chrome makes it clear the size and position of the new window before you drop it.