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In Chrome you can drag and drop tabs. You tear the tab off and then it lets you drag the tab to where you want and drop it. Completely WYSIWYG. Firefox seems to have beat Chrome in every field except this and it makes window organisation a real pain in Firefox sometimes as I have to tear and then manually move it around.

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Strollin' around

In Firefox, it's also posssible to do this....

Strollin' around

In Firefox it's also possible to do this...


I have seen this mentioned before, that it's difficult to move a tab between two windows in Firefox if you cannot see the tab bar of the destination window before you start the move.

As a Windows person, I find it sometimes works to click and drag the tab down and hover over the Firefox button on the Taskbar until the window list appears, then hover the window I want to move the tab to until it comes into focus, then move the mouse pointer up to the tab bar and drop the tab. But sometimes Firefox won't switch windows.

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Click and drag of tabs used to work in Firefox, but it no longer does.  I'm not sure which update broke it, but it is now broken.  As jscher2000  stated, you used to be able to drag a tab down to the Firefox logo in the taskbar, wait for about a second and it would pop up all the open windows and allow you to then drag the tab onto whichever window you select.  Now when you try to do this, the Firefox logo displays a circle with diagonal slash through it, indicating you can't do this.

I think this functionality got broken when they first allowed us to select multiple tabs.  If you do this and right-click on them (or on a single tab), you get a context menu that allows you to "Move" the tab(s) to a New Window, but not to an existing window of your choice.

This is a shame because the tab dragging to a different existing window capability was a terrific one.  It would have been especially useful when being able to select multiple tabs.

Fix, please?