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Status: New idea

Opening links in incognito mode is a great feature for the Android app, however, every time I open a link where I need to be logged in to see the information (e.g. from a shipping notification), I have to tediously copy the link by hand and reopen it in the normal profile. Please make it a button to just reopen the same page I just loaded in the different profile (vice versa would also be great e.g. for previewing Wordpress webpages.)

Firefox Mobile 

Status changed to: New idea
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Community Manager

Thanks for submitting an idea to the Mozilla Connect community! Your idea is now open to votes (aka kudos) and comments.

Making moves

Related UI issue:

Current links when right click in normal window got "Open Link in New Tab", "Open Link in New Window", "Open Link in New Private Window".

Current links when right click in private window got only "Open Link in New Tab", "Open Link in New Private Window". Sounds like it misses a "Open Link in New Non-Private Window".

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If you can open the tabs which were open in Incognito Mode, it defeats the very purpose of Incognito Mode

Making moves

Strongly seconding this idea! I use Firefox mobile with private tabs as the default for opening links. If I do want to reopen a page in my regular profile, I hit the exact same issue.

> If you can open the tabs which were open in Incognito Mode, it defeats the very purpose of Incognito Mode

Disagreed! When "private tab" is the default, you definitely need an option to reopen a tab in the normal profile. Nothing would force you to use the button. And if you think about it, the "open in private window/tab" option is worse... If I've already opened a link in my normal profile, then trackers etc may have already recorded that browsing activity - opening the tab in private can't undo that. However, if private is used as the default, then trackers can't make the connection between the rest of my browsing, unless I opt into it by using this proposed button.

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This feature is a must with private mode as default.

Copy / paste is a huge inconvenience just to get the regular browser experience for a particular site.

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Hello, is this a difficult feature to implement? I use incognito by default on Android. All links open in the incognito firefox. There are links which I would like to open in the normal firefox. Please make it so that there is an option in incognito to open in normal firefox so that I do not have to copy/paste the link. If you do not want to show this option by default then that is fine. Just create a setting for it in the settings area which we can enable this. I really need to use this feature.

More people would use incognito once they know you can easily open the link in the normal window.