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Making moves
Status: New idea

Currently, if a person tries to save a web page, they have a couple choices built-in to Firefox:

  1. They can save a page using "Web Page, complete", which saves a bunch of separate files and does not retain the current view.
  2. They can use the "Responsive Design Mode" (CTRL-Shift-M) to take a screenshot, but it only saves an image of the portion of the page which is within view in the browser window.

There is also the option in most Windows computers to "Print to PDF" in some way, but this usually doesn't print the entire page, or it doesn't print the current view.

Firefox should give users the choice to save an image (in a standard image format) or a PDF of the current view, including any portion of the web page which is available by scrolling but isn't visible on the screen.

It is often important to capture details from a current view that the save and screenshot features simply cannot capture. The only way to accomplish this now is by laboriously screenshotting and scrolling and screenshotting and scrolling until all of the page is in images, then stitching those images together in some image manipulation software.

It should not be difficult to create the ability to take a screenshot of the entire page in image or PDF formats. If Firefox can simulate many different screen sizes in "Responsive Design Mode", there is no particular reason why it must do so on the screen itself, but this could be done in memory alone for the purpose of saving the page.

Please add a true screenshot feature to Firefox!

Status changed to: New idea
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Some of what you are asking for is available today in Firefox. The Screenshot tool lets you capture the full page as an image and save as a .png file. You can use the keyboard shortcut (ctrl+shift+s), right-click on the page or add the button to your toolbar via the customize toolbar screen.

The "Save full page" option in Screenshots works most of the time. It doesnt work so well for sites like facebook or twitter where the page is built dynamically as you scroll.

We would like to explore the space between the "Save page", print page as PDF and screenshot features. These all seem to circle a use case which is to capture and create a durable snapshot of some web content for archiving or sharing (or annotating etc.)

New member

Their is a extension called "Save PDF" that already does this, so it is clearly able to be added as a built in function. I don't know how it works but I use is reliably at least 4 times a week with zero issues once you have loaded the page to your satisfaction.

If you combine reading mode and "Save PDF" then you can save all of the basic details without all of the junk in modern web design, while keeping all of the formatting and placement intact, and having less extensions will improve users privacy and security, and since the extension I mentioned is only 8.55 KB and last updated 5 years ago and still works perfectly I doubt it would add any noticeable bloat for those who wouldn't use it, or any major maintenance time once it has been coded and included.