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In one of my CAD packages you can double click a tab to close it.  It would be nice to have this in Firefox

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Although not the same, you can use middle click to close a tab (or open a link)


There's actually a hidden option for this. Perhaps it should be made more visible? If you want to give it a try:

(A) In a new tab, type or paste about:config in the address bar and press Enter/Return. Click the button accepting the risk.

More info on about:config: Configuration Editor for Firefox. Please keep in mind that changes made through this back door aren't fully supported and aren't guaranteed to continue working in the future.

(B) In the search box in the page, type or paste browser.tabs.closeTabByDblclick and pause while the list is filtered

(C) Double-click the preference to switch the value from false to true



Making moves

Enable by default closing tabs by double clicking.

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Tab close shortcut

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It's much time-saving to add a function that users can double-click the tab to close it(recently edge browser added this function that suits Chinese users who use their domestic browsers with this function)

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 希望Mozilla能够推出双击快速关闭标签页的功能。Double-click to close particular tab quickly.    

  在微软前沿浏览器(#Microsoft Edge)中,有一个设置项:启用双击关闭标签页。这个功能使标签页关闭的速度大大提升,胜过按Ctrl+W和直接关闭的速度。

       但是,火狐浏览器(Mozilla Firefox  )不具备这个功能,这可能会使陈标签页关闭的速率大打折扣。因此,我建议其添加该功能,使使用完的标签页能够被及时地快速关闭。


There is a setting option in Microsoft Edge that can close the tab with a double-click on it.From my point of view:this feature accelerate the closing of used tabs,quicker than perform Ctrl+W to close or close it directly.

But Firefox hasn't got that feature,it may decelerate the speed to close the used tabs.So I suggest the developers adding it.

I would appreciate it if you can adopt my advice!

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