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Also, provide a blacklist function so that users can manually have more sites blocked, and a whitelist function to manually unblock specified paywall sites. This provides more power to the user to determine what content is provided and what is not.

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Block certain websites from Pocket

I really like Pocket and most of the topics suggested. Unfortunately, some of the topic sites require a paid subscription. I am not interested in that considering that even with a paid subscription these sites still include intrusive advertising. It would be great if we could block sites that we don't want to see articles from. An example it The New Yorker. You are allowed a certain amount of "free" articles. After that, a subscription popup keeps you from others. If I don't wish to subscribe, why can't I block that domain name from Pocket recommendations?

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If you are going to post a article in Pocket, please make sure it will be available to read.  I have just spent some time trying to read an article from Wired and it just won't let me see it.  And that happens all the time with the NY Times.  If an article is behind a paywall, then it is useless to the wider community.

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Pocket recommendations should exclude paywall sites

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