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Status: New idea

Firefox has a very nifty feature which allows user to create a custom search engine form any link that consists of a query. User just needs to bookmark any search result page and replace one of the query parts with "%s" and give that bookmark a keyword. For example, if I bookmark "", but replace "Firefox" with "%s" and set its keyword to "/g", I can type "/g cat" to search for "cat" in Google.

This feature is extremely helpful for anyone that is working with websites that did not create their search plugins. I think that this feature needs more attention and ability to create bookmarks with multiple variables instead of only %s. This could be done by allowing user to create multiple variables in a more complex http queries and add multiple keywords for a bookmark. This could work as below.

  1. User bookmarks url:
  2. User replaces "test" and "30" with "%s" and "%s0".
  3. User sets keywords for said bookmark: 'moz; -p; and saves.
  4. If user types in the address bar: 'moz test -p 30 it will generate the same url as in point 1.

There should be a limit to the number of variables per bookmark, but it should be set to 5 and editable by about:config. In case of using more variables, they would be represented in the url as: %s, %s0, %s1, %s2, and so on.


Familiar face

Personally, what I would like to see is integration of these "search query bookmarks" into the Awesomebar so that I can make custom search engines instead of needing the Awesome Bar to autodetect them.

And that should include the "one-click-search" icon. I'm not a fan of using keywords to access search engines.

New member

I agree with @MintMain21. I have been using the bookmark search engine for a very long time, but it broke at some point after introducing the search engine setting. These two things should be unified.

New member

To be honest, if that could be a feature of the Awesome Bar, that would be great. I actually would like to have a nice way to create custom search engines. The "search query bookmarks" are just the closest thing to what we currently have and adding this change would not be a big level of effort. I saw so many nice features in programs be rejected due to big level of effort needed, so I wanted to start small and expand if possible.