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I am an IT Professional of 45-years.

It would be nice to have the ability to print a Webpage exactly as displayed.

Currently, PRINT does not do a very good job (sometimes not readable, text overlap, graphics are all over, spacing is off, etc, etc, etc).

Generally, I highlight what I want to PRINT, copy it to WORD and "doctor it up" to look more readable (spacing, font, layout, etc).

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Making moves

There is a screenshot function (context menu) that allows fullpage screenshot. However the only options afterwards is to Copy or Download. Firfox could add a Print Command for easier access and print directly from firefox instead of going through extra steps and printing from the systems image viewer.

Nonetheless, until such upgrades are made, I would recommend "Print Friendly & PDF" extension, It generally does a good job. You can edit right in firefox and print or save as pdf, works with most websites that dont use excessive javascripts and frames.

Its what I usually use, but its still not perfect.


This sits at that interesting intersection between printing and Screenshots. A screenshot will give you better fidelity with what you were looking at on-screen, but then you end up with a bunch of pixels rather than formatted text, so any annotation or highlighting is strictly graphical.

I'm interested in these kind of workflows, and how people might expect the Screenshots and Printing UI to work. Does one hand-off to the other? Do they somehow merge? If you always use the printing UI to create PDFs is that really printing? If we add PDF as an output to Screenshots, its not really a "screenshot" as such anymore, just way to capture the content in front of you to a more durable format.

Making moves

Webpage -> Edit PDF -> Save Digital Copy or Print

  • Can only be done through an Ext or 'print to pdf'
  • Print to Pdf using the printing ui is absolutely horrible (in all browsers) and you cant edit or adjust any options to make it look better.
  • Firefox desktop doesnt have any native capability to save a webpage to a pdf
  • Ext makes this possible but automatically adjust the original layout of the webpage to more common word proccessor like format and allows modification (remove unwanted/unrelated content) before saving/printing.
  • Ext however, doesnt always generate a good layout based on the complexity of the website, I really only recommend screenshots (see below) for when this occurs and thus to mainting the intended view of the webpage as displayed.

Webpage -> Screenshot -> Save Digital Image or Print (as pixels)

  • Firefox does support screenshots and copy/saving
  • There is, however, no option to immediatley send to the printer (as an image, if thats possible). You'd have to 'download' the screenshot to file (jpg/png) then open using another app to send to the printer.
  • I believe this is what Mike3805 was looking for. It would've print the webpage exactly as is. Not sure if he is familiar with the function. Given that he copies into MWord though and edits, the PDF option above is an alternative.