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I use firefox for many websites having to do with finances, and all of them insist on two factor authorization anytime I log in from a different device or browser. That's good for security, but when the browser updates, even by a minor version, this triggers the need for extra login security on most of those websites. It's expected, but when the browser offers to update multiple times/week, it gets sufficiently annoying that I end up dismissing the frequent update reminders.  May I suggest you have a tiered level of updates? Maybe a setting that would allow me to only see reminders for major updates, like security fixes or major feature additions. Thanks for considering, and by the way thanks for making it easier to offer a suggestion!

Making moves

LOL, since my last request here (2 days ago), 2 or 3 more updates happened without asking for a permission!

It happens again and again, and Mozilla really doesn't listen to its loyal users.

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This is causing me to consider (heaven forbid!) to move to Chrome:

FORCED RESTART after update is a FFS moment, guys, please stop!

I'm fine with updates, I will restart if/when I decide to: I can't be forced halfway through my work to go restart everything: I have tens of tabs, carefully arranged windows across several (virtual) desktops - restarting Firefox is a giant hassle, stop forcing me doing this!

As someone said: forced restarts is forcing me reconsidering my allegiance.

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Firefox: consider consolidating changes so there are far fewer updates

Having a new update every two weeks causes my banking website to request new verification of my identity.  Please consider consolidating these small updates into one larger one, especially when the changes are very minor.


Thanks for considering this idea.

Making moves

It seems to me like I'm updating 2-3 times/week. One of my computers lost a good bit of my Bookmarks. I wasn't sure if I could send my Old FireFox Data file from a 32 bit PC to a 64 bit PC and still have them work w/o causing any additional problems.

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Is there any point to posting in here? When I searched for this issue I was seeing threads from 2011 and 2014 about this exact issue. The answer may just be to uninstall.

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Not only too many updates but.........I have trouble logging into sites after updating firefox! Therefore I dread your updates!

Strollin' around


How about an update every six months or so, as it is normal with other programs  . . .

The way it is right now is stressful . .


Strollin' around

An update every six months should do unless something is seriously wrong = Simple logic, say what you will !


Making moves

Can you organize simple updates so that software updates are so annoying?  When an important

update becomes available then let us know with a pop up.  Thank you for your hard work

Making moves

Firefox Stable does not update nearly as often as people seem to be experiencing, at least in my personal experience, I would recommend most people in this thread to make sure they aren't using Firefox Beta or Firefox Nightly.

For use cases where you do not want to update very frequently, you should use Firefox ESR. Just go to that page, under the “Which version would you like?” dropdown box, choose the latest version.

When you are on Firefox ESR, you will only get one feature update per year, and otherwise it will only update for severe bug fixes, or security issues. You will have much less frequent updates, Firefox will look and work the same, changing only one time per year in that regard.