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I use firefox for many websites having to do with finances, and all of them insist on two factor authorization anytime I log in from a different device or browser. That's good for security, but when the browser updates, even by a minor version, this triggers the need for extra login security on most of those websites. It's expected, but when the browser offers to update multiple times/week, it gets sufficiently annoying that I end up dismissing the frequent update reminders.  May I suggest you have a tiered level of updates? Maybe a setting that would allow me to only see reminders for major updates, like security fixes or major feature additions. Thanks for considering, and by the way thanks for making it easier to offer a suggestion!

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OR they could make sure their "update" works. Since I'll agree to it, and it won't then update. Even after closing it out and relaunching it. Just goes back to the harassing mode.

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I agree that having updates every few days is quite annoying.

I want to surf, not operate Firefox. Major updates every few months, or serious security updates are of course welcome!

Thank you.

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When do we get the update that allows us to choose when, or if we update at all without being pestered 20 times an hour to do it. I mean this latest one to virtue signal over the Ukraine BS. Really!?

Most of the updates I note are for IOS a majority of the times. It would seem you could write in your updates a version recognition program, but I guess that would make too much sense.

But really allowing us to choose is ideal, and I will not update until that option is a part of an update. The majority of people who use computers, and your browser even do not go past installing some plugin, and do not venture into their settings ever.

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Getting extremely cheesed off with the far too frequent updates here too. Not possible to ignore them even for a short time as they tend to slow down everything, particularly on one of my older PCs.

As someone has already said, Firefox is becoming as irritating as Adobe used to be, except much more so as the constant updating has a more time consuming impact, when everything has to be signed into again, cookie notices dealt with and remembering to reset settings (for me, how to deal with PDF downloads) which have been changed back to the default - why? 

Firefox has been my main browser of choice for a long time, possibly not for much longer if this carries on.


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Quit with your frequent updates! My clients and I can't have a stable environment with the stupid notifications popping up about updates every other week. If they're not critical, WAIT A COUPLE OF MONTHS OR SO. And you better not be sending out updates just for promotions. I could have sworn one of the recent updates was just for the Red Panda movie. Ridiculous if that's the case.


Firefox has a major update nearly every 4 weeks, and nearly always 1 and sometimes as many as 3 minor updates between the major updates. In other words, you can expect updates to be nearly weekly on the standard release channel.

For several years, Mozilla has offered a separate build of Firefox for enterprise users called the Extended Support Release (or ESR) to meet their need for long-term feature stability. If you aren't aware of that one, you can find more info here: And of course you don't need to be an enterprise users to run ESR.

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Stop with the updates. Every time there is a Firefox update, something doesn't work.  Like log-in to my bank, or pictures and videos don't work on news stories. I have to use Microsoft Edge to make things work. It  is getting where Edge is better than Firefox. I have used Firefox for years, but I'm about ready to change to Microsoft Edge for good.


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Sometimes happens every day! Even 1,2 in a week is too much!

Also mentioned here:

We need to re-login, re-confirm mail, re-setup toolbar, re-setup extensions, set the preferences, re-login to every daily-using websites (maybe need to confirm who we are to them as well !!! ) with each update ... !

I think once monthly can be enough, and the update shouldn't be out of our control.

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It gets rather boring getting frequent reminders. Would it be possible to limit them to once per day?

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Well I see there is only an Update that does not allow us to stop the Updates like we were able to before.