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I use firefox for many websites having to do with finances, and all of them insist on two factor authorization anytime I log in from a different device or browser. That's good for security, but when the browser updates, even by a minor version, this triggers the need for extra login security on most of those websites. It's expected, but when the browser offers to update multiple times/week, it gets sufficiently annoying that I end up dismissing the frequent update reminders.  May I suggest you have a tiered level of updates? Maybe a setting that would allow me to only see reminders for major updates, like security fixes or major feature additions. Thanks for considering, and by the way thanks for making it easier to offer a suggestion!

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I'm the original poster, and no... the developers are neither commenting nor listening. But having multiple browsers is wise, and the product is free, works well, and is still the best browser for some sites. So in windows what you can do is create two files to modify and un-modify the windows system registry, to disable or re-enable updates. That way you can disable the nuisance changes, and then occasionally re-enable, and do the updates. As for me,  I'm still on 108.0.2. My choice. These files should be appropriately  named with ".reg" extensions. Use at your own risk...

For file: "disable firefox background updates.reg"

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



For file: "enable firefox background updates.reg"

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00




Additional information

Windows Take a look

Given the planned obsolescence of certain systems
I discovered Linux

Take a look first glance discovered, the Directory for updates does not exist in Linux

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Dear Firefox,

If you keep changing your browser more twice a year Chrome is going to be the only browser on the market; you making work for the users and website admins by updating to often; Also you lower the quality of your product by making it harder to user for no reason.