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In an environment where it is necessary to respond to a large volume of emails, the keyboard shortcut is not easy for the simple fact that you already have your hand over the mouse, it would be enough to move the pointer to the toolbar and click, to activate the shortcut on the keyboard you need to use both hands. Someone will say, but it's easy with the mouse, just go to File and "send later". See, I had to give 2 clicks to activate the function and it could only be 1, apart from all the movement of the mouse. Returning to the situation where you need to reply or simply forward emails, the "send later" also helps a lot stuck in the communication time that is lost when sending a message immediately. That depends on the connection speed, server response time, on your network, in short, there are n'factors that can delay the transmission, it would be enough for such messages to be sent "later" staying in the outbox. Everything is already there, just need to put the option to use function in the toolbar please.

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