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Status: New idea

A temporary unblock/whitelist button for DNS over HTTPS is still missing.
It is mentioned three years ago and nothing changed so far.

I find it really annoying too being forced to make permanent exceptions when I only want to call the site once and would like the exception to get deleted afterwards. Everytime I have to delete the entry manually.

This isn't neither productive nor secure, Mozilla!
Instead, websites button should offer the temporary exception (only) and the settings DoH exceptions list the permanent exceptions (only). This is how I set it for certificate permissions in about:config and thats the only secure way avoiding people forgot about their exceptions to easily!


This is an example like it should work (DNS over HTTPS maximum security):

1. Normal: open -> Website opens with DoH
2. Temporary Exception: open -> DoH warning (present button "TEMPORARY exception") -> standard DNS-Resolver answers is not found -> Restart Browser -> open -> DoH warning (present button "TEMPORARY exception") again
3. Permanent Exception: Settings -> DNS over HTTPS -> "Manage Exceptions..." -> Enter exception for -> Save (should be permanent) -> Restart Browser (optional here)-> open -> standard DNS-Resolver answers is not found

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