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I don't know why this is not something you can, at the very least, configure via about:config. Sometimes I want to answer a message while I'm watching my video and ,without disabling always on top, I would need to:

Exit PnP, go to my messenger and answer, go back to video tab, either search the icon (sometimes disappears) or press the hotkey, possibly fullscreen it again and NOW I've answered my mess- wait, they replied!

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To add to this, I think Windows and some Linux users have workarounds, e.g. this AutoHotKey script:

macOS, however, doesn't seem to have any way for users to control the "always-on-topness" of a window, which means the PiP window is always on top no matter what. A button / keyboard shortcut / menu item (or as mentioned, at least an about:config) to disable always-on-top would be nice, as right now I don't think there's any way to disable it for macOS users.