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Status: New idea

Download Manager Tweak,

is a simple yet exceptional addon that was developed by three different people one after the other.. for early versions of Firefox.. it shows much needed info like download location, location it came from, date and time stamp and file size.. etc.. a clear open folder button  as well as a button to clear all downloads.. 😄

Firefox_Addons_DMT_Screenshot 2024-03-17 211301.png

I have attached a screenshot of it in action via Waterfox classic..

here is a download link from my own website since the is now abandoned addon.

ps: its a simple free website I made a long time ago...



is it possible to update the built in download manager to be better like this addon?

or at least update this addon for web-extension?

Status changed to: New idea
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Any updates? 

On the possibility of getting this old addon integrated or its feature set.

The current download manager sucks royally..