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Image to illustrate, "+24 tabs will help with choosingImage to illustrate, "+24 tabs will help with choosingImage to illustrate, "+24 tabs" is to help recognize needed window

I use at least 2 Firefox windows for work, those windows are placed on different monitors and different virtual desktops for ease of access, and kind of have different purposes (I suppose other people can group tabs using windows too).

The problem is that sometimes I need to move tabs from one window to another. Detaching a tab, opening multitasking view, moving tab to a different desktop and then attach it to the second window isn't the easiest thing.

There is an extension that helps with this - 'Tab Mover', but Firefox already has Move Tab menu, so I think that aside from moving tabs to start/end it could also offer to move them between existing Firefox windows, especially when it already offers to move tabs to a new window.

Making moves


I also have exactly the same issue and i am frustrated. I also use two screens and both have tabs on them, and i work just like you. Sliding tabs to other monitor used to be easy, but exactly after recent update of 97.0.2. it stopped working, and all tabs became stiff and nu-movable, un-dragable, they just stay fix in their locations and i can no longer slide them around. I also need immediate help. i tried "about:config" and "detach" settings, but it still does not work... i dont use the "move tab option" in menu like you, but i always work by dragging tabs around. now it does not work...

HELP !!!

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I have similar ideas when I try to move tab to a different window, I need something to mark a window so that I could transfer that tab to the exact window I want, but Firefox doesn't support this feature, and chrome use the name of the first tab of a windows to identify that windows.

Making moves

Yeah I don't remember it being this difficult to move a tab between windows by dragging it. A better "move tab" feature (like Edge) would be great.

I just found the "trick" to moving tabs via dragging - drag to the tab bar. GIF below showing how it only works if you drag it in the "right" spot:


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I used to be able to select multiple tabs and then drag them down to the Firefox icon in the Task Bar, hold them there while all other open Firefox windows appeared, drag the selected tabs up to the window I wanted to move them to, and drag them up to the tab bar and tap to release.

This function no longer works.  If I drag one or more tabs to the Firefox icon in the Task Bar, an icon pops up there that looks like a sheet of paper with a red circle on it with a diagonal slash through it.

Why did this functionality go away?  It was so easy, simple, and straightforward!

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I use multiple Firefox windows, and in each of them having multiple opened tabs. Beaing able to perform a right-click on a tab and move the tab to the last tab position of any other Firefox window(s) would be a useful feature. This is not to say to DO IT LIKE CHROME, but hey, do it similar to Chrome!

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Ability to move tab to a different already open window (like in Chrome)

As in subject.

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Move Tab To Another Open Window


I had an idea that would make probably a lot of people's lives easier, meaning having an option to move the tab or tabs to another open window from within Move Tab section in right-click menu options. Right now, we have move to start, move to end and move to a new window. I'd love to see "move to open window" - and then option to pick which one - either by default link to the first tab in a window, or by a window name if it's set up that way.

Currently, you have to grab a tab you wanna move between windows, drag it to the window you want, then realize you had to have opened the destination window first to a full screen / window (having in open down on a tray isn't enough), and then do it all over again. Tiresome. Option Move To [pick a window] would be greatly appreciated in upcoming updates.

Thanks! 🙂

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This is a feature in most other browsers and should be pretty easy to implement, I don't see why firefox doesn't have it.

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Just want to +1 this idea. Dragging and dropping is a bit of a hassle, because it requires that the destination window be positioned or sized in a way that the tab bar is already visible. This can be tricky and often requires resizing or repositioning of the windows for something that could be a simple menu selection.

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+1 on the idea!
That would be an excellent addition to the tab management system!

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Good lord, I really can't believe this feature is not available in Firefox. I'm migrating from Brave and I'm just baffled that I can't do such a simple move tab. Really considering going back to Brave.

Making moves

Ohh yaa this should be a thing in Firefox +1 

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Really need this feature!