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Familiar face
Status: New idea

It is apparent from many of the ideas and discussions here that many users are unaware or untrained in basic functionality of the Firefox Browser such as configuring Search Engines, where files are saved, how extensions work, etc.

Clearly there is a point where hand-holding will hold back users more that empower them, so I do not recommend limiting or simplifying the current feature-set of Firefox, nor spamming the workflow with needless pop-ups and explanations. Instead, a "Tour" of Firefox should be an easily accessible and promoted option that will guide users through how the browser actually works and how to customize it. The option to use the tour should be presented as early as the first installation of Firefox, with clear instructions on how to access it next time should the user decline from a "First-Install" tour.

This would empower users to better understand Firefox without taking anything away from experienced users.


Thank you for the suggestion - that is a lovely idea. I do agree that there are a lot of functionality that is undiscovered by many users. I'm interested to know, where would you expect to find a Firefox Tour? For example, in settings?

Familiar face


Settings would make sense, but considering the idea of the tour is to illuminate otherwise obscure settings, then burying the tour in settings might be counter-productive. lol

I'm thinking in the hamburger menu right below settings, so the idea is that if people are going to look in the settings for a way to fix something, then the tour will help guide them.

This would, of course, be the ideal way to manually trigger the tour besides doing a fresh re-install of the browser itself.

Making moves

I had a similar thought as part of the New Tab improvements idea:

Firefox could have something like an RSS ticker/feed that shows tips and tricks/"Did you knows". For example, I showed someone Ctrl+Shift+T (reopen closed tab) and it blew their mind! Container tabs should also get some publicity! Even basic keyboard shortcuts (eg Ctrl+W to close tab) are nice to know. Advertising the Ctrl+Tab MRU option:

and Reader mode would also be great.