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I use Firefox as the other in a pair of apps as a redundant (co-backup) of capturing the stream of a weekly radio show of a friend of mine.

I have "only" 32 GB of RAM installed but the main browsers have so many tabs open that if I open one of them a lot of RAM gets eaten up.

I merely needed to learn the store number of a grocery chain. The capture was running, so at first I opened a neighboring tab to determine what aisle to use to find what I wanted to get at that store.  Then I closed that tab, only then remembering I wanted to see if "my" store had the item in stock. The capture tab was open and the information was flowing so I assumed Firefox would do as one or two other browsers had done: open the URL selected in History in a new tab; instead, it closed the active tab, thus breaking the connection to the file that was being written.

So I am writing merely to suggest that when a page is chosen from History that Firefox be set to open it in a new tab, instead of assuming that by choosing a tab from History that I want to close the tab that is open. I make this request because otherwise I would have to leave History, open a new tab, then go back to History to make the selection.


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