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New member
Status: New idea

When creating a new tab using "right-click: New Tab", Firefox creates (and switches to) the new tab at a position immediately to the right of the cursor position (or if the cursor is over a pinned tab, as the leftmost unpinned tab).

However, when subsequently closing the new tab, Firefox returns focus not to the tab previously displayed before the new tab was created, but instead to the tab to its right.

This behaviour is inconsistent. It is also different to the behaviour when creating a new tab using Ctrl-T.

Please either alter it so that focus returns to the previously displayed tab or provide a configurable setting so a user can choose this more consistent behaviour.

Familiar face

+1 for a configurable setting, because I wouldn't like to see how Firefox jumps from one end of tab strip to another (especially when it becomes scrollable) when I just close the tabs I don't need anymore.

But I know that I can Shift-select tabs to close them in 1 click is case this idea is implemented.

I'm interested - is consistency in this case actually better? Can you elaborate, how this inconsistency affects you as a user in a negative way?
For me this inconsistency is better, because for me, when I close tabs, they are most likely to be placed(grouped) together, and I can close them without moving my mouse - the tab closes, the next one is moved under my mouse. And this 'group' order is different from 'last displayed' order, because the latter one would be like [TopicA1, music player, TopicB1, chat, another chat, TopicA2, TopicA3], and returning to a tab with chat everytime I want to close multiple tabs would be useless to me. For 1 tab scenario I'd rather middle-click them without activation or close them active and then go back to previous tab with Ctrl+Tab (assuming "ctrl+tab recently used order" is checked in the preferences - love this setting)

New member

when you close a tab firefox should always bring you back to the last used tab in recently used order.
the way firefox handle it is unpredictable and when you have some discarded or unloaded tab you don't want active at the moment it can help you fix that against your will...
a real pain when you do not have much memory left to give those newly refresh tab or whatever reason you do not want them active.
please consider fixing that.