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Status: In review

The latest controversial proton redesign added new two lines tabs, however it haven't been put to great use.

I think we can do better and at the same time bring back the compact mode by merging the search bar and the tab bar.


While we put the url directly into the tabs, other icons could go in the tool bar, making a better use of the window surface.


The url is a clickable text area


and expands to show the full search bar when we start typing.




To elaborate a bit more on my original idea

  • We could put the hamburger button on the left because it looks a bit weird next to the reduce button (at least on windows)
  • The same way the download icon is hidden unless we're downloading we could hide the back and forward buttons unless there's something in the history
  • The refresh and fav button could be on the tab (and visible only on hover maybe ?)
  • The many icons that can appear on the left of the address bar could be fused all together in one single tabbed panel. The displayed icon would change based on priority :
    Sans titre.png
    (btw the Extension label could be removed and only show the extension name)

Which gives an even slicker look :




With larger active tab and refresh/fav icons.

With many tabs it could look like this :


I also added the sound indicator icon instead of the "Playing" text (this icon is already used on pinned tabs).

And since the Lock icon is not always visible with my unique icon idea I talked earlier I though we could color code the domain, green = secured, red = not secured. 🤔

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Bookmark padding

I cant use the bookmarks as they stand (vers 106) as the padding is much too big.
Can there be a way of setting this to different sizes? I see a lot of people have wanted this to be done, over a few years now, as some users (like me!) use bookmarks very heavily. But the extra large padding is making that v v difficult. Thanks!

Strollin' around

Having finally replaced Waterfox Classic with Firefox 106, I notice that Firefox is a bit more space-hungry. I have the menu bar enabled, and bookmarks in the menu bar to conserve space, and the bookmarks bar is now taller than before. The tab bar is also taller. This is on dual 1920×1200 24″ so I am not especially low on space, but it’s a little sad that you can’t streamline the UI a bit more. Screenshot for reference:

Waterfox Classic vs Firefox 106.png

Strollin' around

Possibility to move URL bar row to the tab bar

Hi everyone,

I want to make my firefox more compact and wanted to move everything in the second row (URL bar, etc.) to the top bar (tab bar). I opened the Settings but I can not move everything to the top.

I would appreciate that possibility a lot 🙂

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Add back Compact mode and in settings menu (should be default)

FireFox's tabs and url bar are both a bit too fat, takes too much screen space, at least make it an option in settings, its changable in about:config THEN settings > more tools > customize toolbar where it shows, it should not be that complicated.

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Hello! What about rethinking of browser header? Compared to Safari and SigmaOS, Firefox design looks massive - Safari has compact mode (address bar and tabs in one row), and SigmaOS has Focus Mode (address bar hides and web page takes the entire window.

It is really comfortable. I know all my tabs at the moment and don't need this address bar to switch between them.


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Hey! I think we might be connected or something because around the same date I started working on a similar project and just released it, I think you'll like it! want to give it a shot 😃?


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Restore & Support Compact Mode

Please restore compact mode.  The browser is way too fat with normal density.  I understand that I can change this in about:config, but not everyone wants to go there, or even knows about it.  Please restore this function and fully support it so that it is available to all users in the customize toolbar setting.  Thank you.

Making moves

@DavecnI recommend stop using Waterfox (and Startpage) because it had been bought by System1, an advertising company. The Lepton CSS also support compact mode and many other features.

Strollin' around

I think you zipped everything too much, we need some space to breath. I use 1366x768p display even for work then I need more space for the website instead of the console. I would like to see that 'Compact', narrower console bar back, but I would need the address bar free from everything that I could follow the URL quickly as a developer. I think your visual proposal fits to the needs quite a lot, and innovative for browser development I believe, but I don't agree that address bar option.


- the whole console bar could have taller-on-hover feature without animation
- or simply vertically shorter.


Strollin' around
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Simplify UI unifying the tabs strip with the address bar

I would like to save space on window, by unifiting the tabs strip and the address bar instead of separated strips one under another. Just like Safari actually does. I´m a macos user and I prefer Firefox over Safari, but Firefox needs a more cleaner window.

Firefox vs SafariFirefox vs Safari


Community Manager
Community Manager

(Note: similar ideas have been merged into this thread)

Making moves

Lepton Chrome.CSS currently support compact mode.

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Making moves

@Jon this is a great idea! When will the UI be updated with this compact design? Currently, Firefox is the only browser that has such a “wide” UI.