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Strollin' around
Status: In review

The latest controversial proton redesign added new two lines tabs, however it haven't been put to great use.

I think we can do better and at the same time bring back the compact mode by merging the search bar and the tab bar.


While we put the url directly into the tabs, other icons could go in the tool bar, making a better use of the window surface.


The url is a clickable text area


and expands to show the full search bar when we start typing.




To elaborate a bit more on my original idea

  • We could put the hamburger button on the left because it looks a bit weird next to the reduce button (at least on windows)
  • The same way the download icon is hidden unless we're downloading we could hide the back and forward buttons unless there's something in the history
  • The refresh and fav button could be on the tab (and visible only on hover maybe ?)
  • The many icons that can appear on the left of the address bar could be fused all together in one single tabbed panel. The displayed icon would change based on priority :
    Sans titre.png
    (btw the Extension label could be removed and only show the extension name)

Which gives an even slicker look :




With larger active tab and refresh/fav icons.

With many tabs it could look like this :


I also added the sound indicator icon instead of the "Playing" text (this icon is already used on pinned tabs).

And since the Lock icon is not always visible with my unique icon idea I talked earlier I though we could color code the domain, green = secured, red = not secured. 🤔

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With screens and the limiting amount of space every inch counts. I have the menu bar at the top then my web page tab horizontally below, the the address bar below this. It would be good to have more control over the spacing of these. There is 1/2" of wasted space between the menu bar and the tab, that I would like to claim. Thanks for reading.

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Please provide a "Compact view" option (As in Windows 11 "File Explorer" > "View" menu) for the Bookmark vertical spacing.  ie. So Bookmarks and Bookmark Folders are closer together from drop down menus.

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Back/forward buttons are not a necessity since the same functionality can be done with a keyboard or a 5-button pointing device. Why doesn't Firefox make those arrows easily customizable?

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There is no good reason for the margins around the tabs. Sure it looks different and fancy but in practice it just steals space from the viewport. Better to focus on ergonomics and not aesthetics. 

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Option to enable it is hidden so many users cannot find it driving usage metrics down and I'm afraid it will be removed completely soon. Just make it first-class citizen, we need compact design on large screens.

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@OlegAn It would be a tragedy if they said, "We found out this feature was not used in telemetry, so we removed it."

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@AnonymousI bet this the plan:

  1. return it as "unsupported" and hidden deeply in about:config after huge backlash from users
  2. come back with revenge in couple years but this time with "usage metric that shows only 0.01% users use it"
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Petition to preserve the option and maintain support for Compact mode (Density) of the Tabs Bar

Apparently, Firefox developers have "dropped" support for the Compact mode (Density) of the Title Bar, discouraging its use, despite that many users need it.

The only way to use this option currently, is to enable it via about:config and then choose Compact under Customize Toolbar.../Customize Firefox -> Title Bar, Density. This is not a solution, because this is only temporary and the users are now in constant danger of losing a valuable feature that has been removed from the "supported" features and is being threatened with total discontinuation.

The compact mode not only saves vertical screen space, but also encourages the ergonomic position of the head and cervical spine, while browsing and reading webpages. Those advantages of the compact mode are becoming exceedingly important in our day and age, since we need the real-estate on the upper parts of the screen to avoid neck injuries from the long hours of being in front of a desktop/laptop screen.

However, the Compact Density should only reduce the size of the Tabs Bar; it shouldn't affect the Hamburger Dropdown Menu, which should maintain a spacious layout like it is when the Normal Density is chosen.

If this feature gets completely removed in the future, this will undoubtedly cause many users to leave Firefox and look for other browsers that support compact mode.

I hereby request that Firefox developers include the option of Compact Tabs Bar Density by default in the Firefox Toolbar Customization page and keep it supported. It is necessary for efficiency and cervical spine health. Please do not ever remove this feature, unless you develop another form of Compact UI for the Tabs Bar and Address Bar Toolbar, such as

1) decreasing the size of the Tabs Bar


2) merging the Address Bar with the Tabs Bar into a single Toolbar line, while having an auto-hide vertical orientation for multiple tabs or a horizontal orientation with auto-enlarge upon prompted by the mouse.

New member

compact interface top

On my screen (1366x768), tabs and the search bar take up quite a large vertical space.

I suggest adding the "compact top" parameter or something similar. In this mode, the margins from the interface blocks would be minimal (0-3 pixels), especially for the text of the tab names.


i see it like this or better

The playback state can be indicated through animation like this but minimalistic:

Text me if I couldn't explain something clearly to you.

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Make tabs and search bar slightly thinner (less in height) so we have more screen estate

A thinner top border for the browser will let us have more space for content on the screen and make the app look more elegant and modern.

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Years later, and STILL NOTHING has changed, none of the work arounds work, and this idea to change the spacing on bookmarks and all other drop down menus has been moved up, praise be the lord almighty we are saved 🙄, all of which still doesn't change the fact this this is still an issue, when it should have never been an issue to begin with.

Why was the spacing increased, with bookmarks now hidden behind folders that the user never created, for aesthetics?, certainly NOT for ease of use, if ease of use was the main concern it would have never been changed in the first place.

I am just gobsmacked that this, YEARS LATER is still an issue, for what reason is it still an issue, because whatever engineer who made the changes is trying to force people into what they believe is something better? which it is obvious anyone, but those involved with the change, that it is an utter abhorrent FAILURE.

A user being forced to use a POOR design is not the best way to fix this, all because an engineer thinks that they are in the right, trying to prove their point? It just makes every single person who has touched this and or approved this change show how petty they are and that they really, truly know nothing about engineering a properly functioning program.


It is a simple, simple, simple fix, change the spacing back to something that is actually usable, or change it so each user can adjust the spacing as how it works best for them..

..really for the love of all that is holy, how in gods name is THAT so f-hard to do..?

It is time to end this fiasco, get whomever heads are firmly entrenched up in their own backsides and get them to fix this abomination.

Keep It Simple rules must be applied..

Seriously how hard is that to understand..😑








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Hi all.


An idea... 172017568-f908f7ae-5a2a-46fe-a43c-3d2ae2edbb79

Making moves

This is basically what Apple tried in Safari (that didn't go to well, by the way...)

Still, that said, I do love this idea and it's very very attractive.

I would just like to suggest an alteration:

To bring the URL field by mouse-clicking, it would be better to have a sound-like button on the tab that, when mouse is over the tab, would show up and when clicking on it, it would bring the URL field up (because clicking on the bottom of the tab as suggested, is a space too small to hit)

Naturally the CTRL+L would still need to work...


All in all: Great work and great idea!!! 🙂

Making moves

Bookmarks still being double spaced over a year later. For me this started around version 93. 105 now and still going on. Can you people please just put it back? I have a RSI on the mouse using hand and this is getting ridiculous now having to scroll far more than i should have to.

I am seriously, seriously, considering leaving firfox now and moving over to opera and even that dirtbag edge for that reason alone. I have used forefox since the netscape days. All good things come to an end it appears. If this has not been addressed after ovre a year of people mentioning this i cant see this getting fixxed so i am actually gone move all my bookmarks over the opera, RIGHT NOW.....see ya. Ill check back every once in a while but for now i am doen with firefox and it is more work than necessary. See ya


Firefox has a hidden compact density mode that applies to toolbar height and the spacing of specific panel-style menus (such as the main menu and the bookmarks toolbar drop-downs). If you ever come back to Firefox, you could check it out.

This did not solve the bookmarks being double spaced. I am using 105 now and as far as i know this issue has been going on since version 93.

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narrower open tab icon like chrome for more available screen to user .

make the height of the opened tabs little less for making the display more content friendly .