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Status: In development

From the previous post on Crowdicity:

I would like to see vertical tabs baked in. MS Edge now has it out of the box!

I currently use addons for this - but there's no way to disable the top tab bar, which duplicates the tabs and takes up space.

Vertical tabs (with top bar disabled) would free up more space for web content, which is (usually) vertical. Most screens are widescreen (RIP ThinkPad 4:3 ratios), so the less browser UI at the top/bottom, the more content we can view.


The original post received 154 votes and as such was the 3rd highest voted post in the "General" category.

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Could you add vertical tabs (like in Microsoft Edge)? That’s a pretty useful feature.

Making moves

Currently I use Tree Style Tabs and I really need to hide original tab strip from browser.

Status changed to: Exploring more
Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi all,

Back with an exciting update...

This idea has been reviewed by our product team and we want to explore it further. This means that we plan to continue researching and collecting data to help determine the best way to move forward with improving tab management.

Please continue the conversation here (the more details to support your case, the better) and stay tuned for updates.


-The Community Team

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I like the tree-style of the tree-style tab extension, but I really also want to hide the tab bar on top and to auto hide/show the vertical tab bar on hovering (like in the edge browser). If firefox could natively combine those things without me having to install add-ons (which can be more problematic at my workplace) then this would put firefox back on top for me (currently it is edge for the vertical tab reasons)

Strollin' around

I think the main purpose of vert. tabs is the saved screen estate and the higher flexibility in tab arrangement.
- to save screen estate the now-tab bar has to go bye bye or its pointless.
- very useful would be to make them folder-file-like with the ability to group multiple into a folder (with drag and drop?) and also expand and collapse the so created parent tab-folder.

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Can you provide a vertical list of open tabs, so we can see the entire website name when we have many tabs open?

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I'm waiting for this feature so I can go back to Firefox on Windows. I love vertical tabs too much, and I don't like the third party add-ons. I want native support.

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Edge converted me to vertical tabs, I hope Firefox does it too so I can go back to on Windows. I want native support I don't like the third-party add-ons that do the same thing.

Making moves

Probably already mentioned, but a search bar at the top of the tab tree/list would be ace! Like this Tab Center Reborn addon:


Container tabs has some good ideas with categories, like shopping, banking, personal. Perhaps tabs could be grouped (voluntarily) by use, eg ebay and amazon sites/domains could be automatically "tagged" as Shopping, and organised into a folder (if people didn't want the standard tab "tree" heirachy). This would allow people to "minimise" or collapse all their shopping related tabs.

A colour (again like container tabs) is also handy to identify tab types - this is a work related site setup in a container:


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We really need NATIVE SUPPORT for Vertical Tabs, every other browser has it now in 2022.

It's probably easy to add it as an option for people that want it, and people that don't then they're fine too.

YOU NEED to make sure the TITLE BAR is removable with vertical tabs to do it CORRECTLY.

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Not good

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I just switched from MS Edge to Firefox for web browsing full time and I'm already missing both the baked-in vertical tabs and hidden horizontal tab bar present in Edge. Would absolutely love these two cosmetic features implemented in Firefox.

Making moves

I'd love to have tab this feature too! Its really usefull for me!! please add that!

Strollin' around

I can't understand why this function is not yet in the browser, while Edge has had it for a long time.
I've been using Edge for a while now mostly for the same reason. The current monitors are landscape but the web pages are vertical. This is something that is important to fix.

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+1 for this feature.
It's RIGHT in terms of UX to not to take up a vertical space, which is hardly enough on modern 16:9 and 21:9 screens, let's take a horizontal one!
This is also a necessary feature in my work. Without it, it is impossible to work with 30+ Jira tickets. The only thing that keeps me from leaving Edge. Waiting for so long to come back to Firefox family 😢