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From the previous post on Crowdicity:

I would like to see vertical tabs baked in. MS Edge now has it out of the box!

I currently use addons for this - but there's no way to disable the top tab bar, which duplicates the tabs and takes up space.

Vertical tabs (with top bar disabled) would free up more space for web content, which is (usually) vertical. Most screens are widescreen (RIP ThinkPad 4:3 ratios), so the less browser UI at the top/bottom, the more content we can view.


The original post received 154 votes and as such was the 3rd highest voted post in the "General" category.

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Yes please! Setting up vertical bar and hiding the top tabs in Firefox is quite the hassle right now, just take a look at all the steps required:

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@Anonymous  Regarding the use of the upper left quadrant (i. e. your current vs. desired picture) – I have repurposed it for bookmarks which I found to be very useful:

vertical tabs with bookmarks


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Sidebery / TST is really the best vertical tab use cases there is hands down. It's the single biggest reason I moved to Firefox recently after 10 years of being on Chrome. Although the configurations will take hours if not days to master... it is well worth it to have the browser do exactly what you need to do not to mention things like configurable tab mouse scrolling, nested tab grouping, auto unloading after unfolding, etc. ad nauseum... time-saving features that will never make it to Vivaldi or Edge (though they have half these features now).

My browser at this point feels like a bookmark tree and I have zero stress of being able to organize my tabs or doing basic things like read my tab names.

Anyway, it should be a pretty safe option to have native vertical tabs and grouping like Edge does without breaking the existing extensions (which already have a few smaller issues). Please don't break Sidebery/TST.

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@socHi! How are you? so, great idea.

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  1. @Gecko @AhmedX @Shazzik @PeterD @soc @Jon Hi all! How are you guys?
  2. I would like to share an amazing idea! What if we had vertical tabs grouped by domain in website?
  3. Concept - "Idea of grouping vertical tabs by website domain": If you have many tabs the best thing is to have a grouping of tabs... but only grouping tabs is something that is inefficient...  What would be better and more efficient would be grouping by site domain... so Imagine this... if you have 30 open videos on youtube will be grouped in context with the "Youtube" tab by clicking on the youtube tab you have access to the 30 video links you have opened. I think that would be the best way!
  4. Question: - What do you think of the idea of grouping vertical tabs by website domain?


  1. Edge browser does not have this feature, if Firefox had this feature it would be the best browser in my opinion, the most productive
  2. This could help this other feature: and
  3. Total vote calculation with 3 built-in features: Ability to rename tabs(7 votes) + Native Tab Grouping / More Customizable Tab bar (152 votes) + Native Vertical Tabs (like in Microsoft Edge) - (202 votes)  = 361  votes
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@AnonymousGrouping tabs by this way or that way is not vertical tabs related; it should be something you'd want to be able to do in horizontal tabs mode too.

There are a variety of ways you could group tabs, not just by domain, e.g. by tab age, by topic, etc. So it's probably best to leave such a task to addons, not core Firefox. Also what if I don't want to group up youtube tabs - what if I want to close, bookmark, or move to a new window? The right precursory action on tabs to apply any criteria on is simply selecting them to begin with. I did in fact create an addon for that (Select Tabs) 🙂

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In my opinion,that idea is feasible

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Omg yes! One of the first thing I looked up when switching to Firefox was whether it has vertical tabs like Edge.

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I literally registered on this platform just to give support to this. Been waiting for this forever. Vertical tabs are so useful that I have chosen to make do with vertical tabs *and* the native horizontal ones (via an add-on), but it would be amazing to finally be able to get rid of that horizontal tab bar at the top and gain some precious space. Please please please!!