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Making moves
Status: New idea

when you synch bookmarks you might need two types of synch

one for your work computer, one for your private computer

perhaps there is one computer, where you combine the two, perhaps you dont want to have private bookmarks in your work computer

or you have so many bookmarks that you do not want to waste time and just update the private section.

or perhaps you want to have bookmarks without synch because you do not want to share them with other computers.


at the moment you can have 1 ONE synch account.

that will update / synch ALL bookmarks

why not having the chance of telling firefox the beginning and the end of a private section and / or a business section, and a second synch account, that will ONLY monitor and synch that specific section?

and / or telling firefox the beginning and end of a section withhin bookmarks marked as "private / NO SYNCH"-area?



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