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Status: Exploring more

With the ability to move tabs currently in nightly it would also be nice to be able to group tabs the same way chrome does.

Status changed to: Exploring more
Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey all,

Thanks for following along and participating in this [very!] active thread — your feedback truly means a lot and helps us build a stronger case when pursuing projects.

And that’s where we’re currently at with tab grouping in mobile. Our teams are exploring potential ways to improve tab management and organizing information for mobile users. This means we don’t have a definitive solution or timeline now, but we hope to share more updates soon and maybe even get early feedback on potential plans.

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Maybe someday... ❤️

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Still not yet? i seriously need it since i use tons of tabs.. The android chrome group tabs is just too good. Please implement!

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This has my vote , only thing stopping me switching from chrome - would love to see it happen.

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@Jonit's not something that we're expecting a creative solution for, the solution already exists... It's no different than directories with hyperlinks.


We're asking that the right-click has 1 more option: Open in new tab group. Similar to chrome, there should be an on-screen UI if a tab is inside of a group. Even with list view, a dropdown arrow would suffice.


Mobile research results in many open tabs, and e.g. in chrome when I go off on a tangent, I open in a new tab, then open subsequent links within that tab group. This way, I can easily navigate back to the tab group I branched from, and continue the original traverse. I'm not left with intermixed tabs, and if I decide I have found my answer, I can quickly close that specific tab grouping instead of figuring out why a tab is open and whether I can close it.


Please implement some version of this, even if QoL UI has to be put on the backburner... There are some adventures I am forced to use Kiwi for when I would prefer FF Nightly.

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@89wc It's just an HR way of saying "we won't add it anytime soon", lol


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I also make heavy use of tab groups on desktop with the "simple tab groups" extension, and am forced to use chrome on android for research on my phone and manually transfer tabs back to firefox desktop.

You often end up with a related group of tabs. A web search spawning 5-10 tabs with information you need to refer back to. Or you might have a running group with something like "recipes to cook". Or a group that is specific to a project. Which you may have multiple of. Chrome mobile does this group implementation very well. Being able to name groups, keep the tabs "open", and see the groups in the tab manager menu is a must.

I would love to use firefox mobile for this, because then I could use "send to device" to send these groups back to firefox desktop for continued research, reference, and cataloging. when I can use firefox mobile, my workflow is often to do a web search, open tabs, read some of the tabs, then one at a time, "send to device" those tabs to my main desktop instance, then close those tabs. Which is a very tedious process.

Either being able to "send tab to device" and close the tab in one step, or group up tabs to send and then close the group directly would greatly help my workflow.

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Expanding on my previous comment, collections is useless for this workflow. As the tabs to not remain open / are not removed from the main list of tabs so they don't remain cluttering. I was so excited for collections before i tried it. But it was exactly the wrong implementation.

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Definitely need this feature in Firefox Mobile.

In the desktop, the Simple Tab Groups extension does what I need.

But on mobile, I'm using Kiwi Browser for the excellent tab grouping feature. I'd really like to be able to switch back to Firefox.

Making moves
  1. The groups should automatically sync between all desktop and mobile devices, it would mean a lot to me then.
  2. All groups should be listed on the home screen on mobile and desktop with an option to turn them off if I ever decide not to display all groups on the home screen.
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Same for this is a feature i can't live without. Would be so glad to switch to firefox mobile if it came in production

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Can't wait to see this feature in both desktop and mobile

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Hi, just to add to the requests, please prioritise this. Ecosia already does it brilliantly - long presses link then "open new tab in group"

But sadly Ecosia does not have a desktop version to sync with.


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Hello @Jon ,

Is there any update on this request? It would be good to know the current state of things...


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I want this too!! would be better if it can sync with other devices. I mean, for now I use collections feature in firefox android but it can't sync to other devices that's make me cry... if group tabs and sync with other devices come in soon, I'm sure to replacement it with this feature!

BTW, hope it will impliment ASAP ❤️❤️