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Making moves
Status: New idea

In Firefox Mobile, the private browsing mode use the purple theme. I think Firefox should change it. Firefox can make it work like other browsers, use dark theme for private browsing.

Or Firefox can also make it work like the desktop version light mode theme, only show a small icon to notice you are using private browsing.

This will make the private browsing look better than now.

Status changed to: New idea
Community Manager
Community Manager

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Strollin' around

I personally do not have any problems against the different color in private mode.

Making moves

Eh, purple was a branding colour for everything private-related in Firefox for a pretty long time now. I don't think it would make sense to change it to regular dark just "because this is how it's built in Chrome!!11"

Strollin' around

Please make any different dark theme. Let main theme will be purple, but if user want let him change to simple dark.