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Firstly, I do know and use the extension "Minimize on close".. and the "hide when minimised" tick box.

Yet I wonder why this still isn't a native feature in a programme that is clearly designed to always run in the background anyway..  At least since calendar and reminders are now baked into it, it just makes no sense to close the app completely and not receive these alarms.

Relying on 3rd party apps that sometimes just break after major updates is not great in this case, and make me reluctant to update (cause you never know what's gonna break).

I find this "always running" behaviour annoying with most types of software like Zoom/Skype/etc., especially if you cannot turn it off.
However, for Thunderbird: please make this a native feature, but leave users the option to turn it on or off.


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I use this on linux but there are extension or companions for that


Hey, Product Manager for Thunderbird here. What platform are you on? It is supported on Windows, you can find it in the settings.

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I'm not the one who posted this, but I'm using Thunderbird on Windows and can't seem to find an option for the program to minimize when clicking the close button instead of closing. (So I'm also using the extension mentioned in the post) However, there is a "minimize to system tray" option, which I have enabled.

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Firefox aarm//arm for windows with Thunderbird flyover the gaint

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Is there a hidden option to do this natively? I'm on Windows 10 and using the same settings the OP is using to achieve this behavior. It's not perfect tho, as Thunderbird will only appear on the systray if it is minimized from the taskbar.

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@ryanleesipes(sorry for late reply)

If you're talking about the option "If minimised move to tray": that is exactly _not_ what I mean; or, it's only the 1st half

I want to prevent TB from _closing_ (i.e. shutting down) when hitting the X button!
As I'm saying, it is very clearly designed to keep running in order to use reminders etc, yet you can close it with a single accidental button press. Not great.

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I am a new Thunderbird user and maybe I don't know something, but I want to note that when the program window is minimized to the tray, it stops checking mail on the server. Mail verification resumes only after the program is deployed. Is there any way to deal with this? Is there any way to make the program continue to work in the tray?
WINDOWS 7, Thunderbird 102.9.0 (64-bit)
P.S. I apologize for my English. I used a translator.


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I rly want press close thunderbird "X" and minimize it to tray. Becouse on 1000 time i want minimize TB i 999 time press close like in all normal aplication. 😞 No one use minimize button. Please add stupid check box in options who let me on minimize on close button. And bing browser not show on my browser list addons to bing also not work please repair this.