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Making moves
Status: In development

Mozilla is the company we trust when it comes to online privacy, security, and the Open Web. Having a web service like Mastodon Social under the Mozilla umbrella will guarantee more freedom of expression on the Open Web.

I personally believe that it should be part of Mozilla's mission to support and protect Federated Open Source Services, that are not controlled by a corporation.

In fact, Mozilla already supports one of those federated services.

My idea is to create a web portal called where users could sign in with their Mozilla Account and enjoy a Twitter-like social experience powered by Mastodon's code.

The source-code of Mastodon is accessible on Github, and there are plenty of guides about how to install it and maintain it.



Status changed to: New idea
Community Manager
Community Manager

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New member

At least create an official account on the Fediverse, Mozilla.

Making moves

Hey Mozilla, quite a few people on Twitter are looking for a home in the fediverse right now (because of Elon's takeover). You would be a most excellent service operator. And I bet you could build a far more user friendly ActivityPub implementation than Mastodon.

Making moves

This could be a way to attract people to the Mozilla brand and extend the portfolio. Great idea!

Making moves

I would love if Mozilla created and moderate a mastodon instance

New member

I'm looking for a Mastodon server and Mozilla is the first company that came to my mind.

New member

I agree, Mozilla should do this.  You're one of the first I thought of (and vivaldi browser just did this, so hope you can hop to it!)

New member

Especially given the rush of new users to Mastodon, and the chaos of Twitter this is imprtant. And Vivaldi browser  has shown it is something the Fediverse users would find attractive.

1000 percent agree that Mozilla should do this: even if it were only for official Mozilla staff and maybe key organizers/developers they vet joining.

They arlready do have an official Thunderbird account on Mastodon - that could migrate to this new instance.

New member

Yes, please!

New member

Great idea. But no plans yet?

Making moves

Great idea and another way to get the Firefox/Mozilla brand out there

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey all,

Here with an exciting update…

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Please keep the conversation going and stay tuned for updates 😀

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New member

Would be smart to surf on the Mastodon wave

Making moves

I agree. Mastodon is great.

Maybe there should be one for "official" Mozilla stuff and one just as an alternative to Twitter?

Either way, sign me up when it's ready.

New member

I'd definitely would like to see it happen 😊