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Status: New idea

Currently if a url appears in a response value, it looks like it's clickable. The mouse cursor changes to a hand when hovering it, and the url becomes underlined. However, clicking it either doesn't do anything or puts the value into editing mode (depends on the kind of value - irrelevant). Same for ctrl+click, shift+click and alt+click.

In many applications where regular click is supposed to already do something, it requires the user to ctrl+click to follow the link, so it doesn't interfere with normal clicks. Please implement that. Having a link behave *as if* it's clickable and then be not cickable, feels like someone did a very good but unfinished job.

To reproduce:

  1. Open the devtools on the Network tab
  2. Do an XHR request
  3. Have it return some kind of JSON
  4. Have it return in that JSON any string that contains a URL
  5. Select said XHR request on the Network tab
  6. Select the Response tab
  7. Open the JSON up to find the vaue that contains a URL
  8. Try clicking it

Expected result:

Ctrl+clicking it should follow the URL and open it. Probably best to do so in a new tab.

Actual result:

Nothing happens.


Status changed to: New idea
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Community Manager

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Thank you for the report! I can reproduce that on my machine.

I reported a bug so it's not forgotten here in the noise and we've it under our radar: