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Strollin' around
Status: In development

Make tabs visually distinguishable from another (as they once were)

Lately I can't visually tell where one tab begins and the next begins, except by referencing the "X" (close tab) buttom, since it's all white text on a black background.  How about making them look like actual tabs again or alternating the colors or something?   

The visual appearance should follow the function. Being able to distinguish one tab from another is a functional issue. Compare the attached screenshot (old vs new appearances).  The old way is clearly superior from a functional perspective.

At least give us an option in the Settings. It doesn't have to be a default (though I suggest it should be). 

Making moves

I want to add my voice to those saying that the active tab is hard to find. The difference in background shading is just too subtle and the text colour is exactly the same as on the inactive tabs. It's a real strain and sometimes I select or close the wrong tab. Please keep in mind that your users include people whose vision is not absolutely perfect. Good contrast is good ergonomics.

As this was pointed out over a year ago and nothing has improved, have the developers decided that it's not a problem.

Strollin' around

I'm curious about the progress of the requested feature. It has been in development for quite some time. Approximately a year ago, @rayf  mentioned that the next update would include it with Fx113. However, we are currently on Fx123. Can anyone provide an update on the status of this feature?

New member

There are several problems with the current color scheme for tabs:

1) all tabs appear gray with black letters.

2) tabs turn all gray when they are not in the active window.

3) I am unable to see which tab is the active tab.

4) I have been accidentally closing the wrong tab all day.

Please implement a tab color scheme that allows me to set the background color of the active tab.

Please stop graying tabs when the window is not active. Or, at least give me the option to stop it.


Making moves

@defcon1... Yes, I completely agree that it's almost impossible to see which tab is active. That is one of the most frustrating of the several tab issues.

I'm sure a theme could fix the problem...but I don't really care for themes...and why shouldn't it work correctly "out of the box"???

My solution would be an OUTLINE for the active tab, which glows with an neon-like glow, or at least as if it has been high-lighted with a neon marker.

That would really make it stand out and make it easy to see...

New member

This is still an issue for me on firefox 125.0.3. Like @defcon1 says it's hard to see which tab is active and I don't want to have to switch themes to be able to do so.

Designers please try your color-schemes on different panels, not everyone has a color calibrated expensive monitor.