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I use Chrome for work and Firefox for personal on my computers, and I'm always annoyed by Firefox's tab search after coming from Google Chrome, which has an AWESOME tab search - *just click once on the little little arrowhead at top right and start typing! :)*

The tab search was a game changer for me since I use so many of them (yes, too many). I discovered it on Chrome and was happy to find that Firefox has one too, but I always feel as though someone has tripped me up when I try to use Firefox's tab search. It's just not as user friendly, and I can't understand why.

Mozilla, get with the program!!

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Making moves

I assume chromes tab search also only looks at tab titles, just as firefox one, so i'll leave this here, since people who might use these search functions might like to be able to search inside the page context too.

Find in Tabs – Get this Extension for 🦊 Firefox (en-US)

Sorry if it's a little off-topic.