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Strollin' around
Status: Delivered

Hi, I absolutely love the Picture-in-Picture feature, and use it all the time since it became available.

One feature I am missing from it is the easier positioning and resizing by snapping to screen edges. I often move around the PIP window, and it's really hard to position near the edge (or corner) of the screen so that it doesn't stick out to the other monitor, nor has a gap to the screen edge.

When I use a two-monitor setup, I often want the picture to be displayed in fullscreen on the second one. I know I can double-click on it, but that feature doesn't always work well. Some time after going fullscreen it breaks and starts showing only partially on the screen, and partially off the screen, and it's then very hard to resize back to normal. Perhaps it has something to do with my laptop having two graphics cards, and switching between them on the fly. As a result I don't use the fullscreen feature, but I manually resize the picture to fill the whole screen (and set the wallpaper to solid black). This works best and never breaks, but is tedious to do every time the picture aspect ratio changes, or the PIP resets after I disconnect the second monitor. If the position and size of the PIP was snapping to the monitor edges, it would make this a lot easier.

If the PIP had profiles - sets of size/position, that could be stored, renamed, and quickly applied (a right-click menu), it would be even better, even without the snapping.

Thank you for all the work!

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Making moves

It would be nice to support snap to the browser window as well.🙂





This is something that is already possible on Mac in 2 clicks (hover the mouse over PiP corner and double click - that will snap that corner to the edge of the screen, repeat on the other side). We're currently assessing whether this can be done on a reasonable timeline on Windows and Linux -, and we'll hopefully be able to work on it in the next couple of releases.

On the profiles idea - this is, unfortunately, not something that we will be able to get on our roadmap in the foreseeable future due to limited impact and reach of the feature.

New member

Automatically attaches to the edge of the screen when the window is near the edge of the screen. This makes it easier to place windows quickly.


Hi folks!

Corner snapping is now live in Nightly 120 and will reach the release version on Nov 21.

Kudos to Niklas, the engineer who volunteered to work on this much-requested enhancement.

Status changed to: Delivered
Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey all,

This feature is currently available in Firefox Nightly and will be in the main Firefox release soon—check out @asafko's post in this thread for more info.

Thanks again for your role in making this happen and we look forward to continuing to collaborate with you all here on Mozilla Connect 🙌

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