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Status: New idea
  • If a user bookmarks a page/site they are showing clear intent to keep a permanent link
  • If a user pins a page they are clearly indicating that they are not yet finished with the page

Currently, the slightest mistake in FF (e.g. closing windows in the wrong order) causes the user to lose all their pinned sites. If the user notices in time they can recover these lost pins, but why should they have to, and why would a browser ever remove sites when the user is clearly indicating that they are not yet done with them? This seems extremely counter-intuitive. 

Some browsers, like Safari, now ensure that your pinned tabs appear at the top of every new window. This means that as a user you can say 'I'd like to read this later' and ensure the page(s) are (i) easily available (ii) prominently visible to serve as a reminder (iii) can be saved semi-permanently without cluttering up your bookmarks (iv) can be easily added and removed as necessary without the need to hunt through saved bookarmaks.

And if a user doesn't want this behaviour? An option to override it could be provided in which FF automatically delete the pins when it opens a new window. There could be a second option where subsequent windows simply hide pins (i.e. they only ever appear in the primary window).

This feels like it gives bookmarks and pinned pages much more defined roles.

Note: I'm still struggling to think why a user would want to pin a page if they didn't want it to persist until they unpinned it, and why they would not want a pinned page to carry over into a new browser window. 

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one of those threads where it's just baffling this is still going on. No sane UX designer would have decided to ship what has been shipped regarding pinned tabs in Firefox. Completely against majority of user's mental model.

One of many reasons why Firefox user base get smaller every month. Myself included, can't live without actually working pinned tabs and had to move on as I can't wait over a year for developers to undo user-hostile decisions.

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Pinned tabs should persist, even between  computers via the account, when I go to my laptop I should get the same pinned tabs as my desktop.  The definitely should not just disappear like they do today,

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How is this not a thing yet? Losing pinned tabs once is reason enough to come find these forums to complain about it. Finding out this is a known issue with multiple suggested fixes that are years old? Time to start browser shopping.

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Would it be possible to have the pinned tabs permanent until the user unpins them.  This is the case in Safari.  I can close my browser and when I reopen it my pinned tabs are still there.

Thanks for your kind consideration



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Community Manager

(Note: similar ideas have been merged into this thread)

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I agree, this would be nice to have this feature

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How is this crap still not fixed yet? "JuSt kEeP OnE mIaN BrOwSeR WiDoW WiTh pInS AnD eXiT In oRdEr". This is so stupid. Im a power user, I have 3-4 windows open at any given time and each one has their own set of pins. Chrome handles this flawlessly, Firefox is just going to make me stop using it and switch to another chromium-based browser like brave, this is STUPID.

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So how many "kudos" does a so called "new idea" need to be considered for implementing? Cause this here is going on for 2 years with no indication whatsoever Mozilla devs will change this. It is still being discussed as a "new" idea, when in reality ALL other browser vendors have pinned tabs implemented as every user expects: pinned tabs need to be pinned to every window and need to be independent from any session history, otherwise they are not pinned tabs.

Telling users to keep windows open or close them in the "correct" order is just bonkers and user hostile design.