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Status: New idea
  • If a user bookmarks a page/site they are showing clear intent to keep a permanent link
  • If a user pins a page they are clearly indicating that they are not yet finished with the page

Currently, the slightest mistake in FF (e.g. closing windows in the wrong order) causes the user to lose all their pinned sites. If the user notices in time they can recover these lost pins, but why should they have to, and why would a browser ever remove sites when the user is clearly indicating that they are not yet done with them? This seems extremely counter-intuitive. 

Some browsers, like Safari, now ensure that your pinned tabs appear at the top of every new window. This means that as a user you can say 'I'd like to read this later' and ensure the page(s) are (i) easily available (ii) prominently visible to serve as a reminder (iii) can be saved semi-permanently without cluttering up your bookmarks (iv) can be easily added and removed as necessary without the need to hunt through saved bookarmaks.

And if a user doesn't want this behaviour? An option to override it could be provided in which FF automatically delete the pins when it opens a new window. There could be a second option where subsequent windows simply hide pins (i.e. they only ever appear in the primary window).

This feels like it gives bookmarks and pinned pages much more defined roles.

Note: I'm still struggling to think why a user would want to pin a page if they didn't want it to persist until they unpinned it, and why they would not want a pinned page to carry over into a new browser window. 

New member

It would be nice if Firefox would not forget all  the pinned tabs once you open 2+ Windows with different pinned tabs, or what ever is the cause of this behaviour. Pls keep pinned tabs until they are removed manually and merge them once windows are closed.

Status changed to: New idea
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Community Manager

Similar idea on desired pinned tabs behavior: Make pinned tabs persist between windows (by default) 

New member

If you open multi windows, and then you close the window with pinned tab in it, you will lose your pinned tabs

I suggest there will be a main window, and you can add pinned tabs just to the main window then if you close windows in any order pinned tabs remains persistance

New member

Wholly agree.
Either pinned tabs should be on all windows, or if you close a window with pinned tabs, those tabs should move to another open window.

"Losing" pinned tabs, when closing windows in the wrong order is really stupid.

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Make pinned tabs persist between sessions, regardless of browsing history.

I choose not to retain browsing history from session to session. Because of this, I can't make effective use of the Pinned Tabs feature because their state is history-dependent. I don't think this should be the case.

New member

I'm also pleading in favor of having this feature implemented and enabled by default. For me, the so-called pinned tabs help me start with a default browser window with my commonly used sites pinned as tabs. I also open other tabs in that window.

However, i also tend to drag some of them out of that window to create new ones (sometimes, to prevent distraction, other times to get a side by side view). (The "Restore windows upon startup" option in the setting can help, but it restores too much of the state when I reopen my browser.)

And this is when the system goes wrong. I can face many different cases :

1 ) Closing my windows in the "right order" (AFAIK closing the "main" window last): in that case re-opening FF again will prompt me with my main window

2 ) Closing my windows in a "wrong order" : I can't say for sure but many times, I end up with my main window cleared. Going to history and reopening closed windows work

3 ) Closing my windows in a "wrong order" (mark-II) : Sometimes, after reopening, the recently closed windows list is empty and I just have to redo all my pinned tabs.

I have done this about 3 times in 2 weeks, it is not extremely painful, but it makes the experience a bit annoying. I am not sure if it is a bug or not, and about how to handle this one. I know that enforcing pinned tabs for everybody can be also a problem, as not everyone uses these pins for the same purpose.

Here are some UX QoL suggestions :

- Add an option "Save this window as my main window" in the contextual menus of the tabs area, so this window becomes "main" and restored upon startup.

- Add 2 options to "Save tabs" and "Restore tabs" in the contextual menus of the tabs area, so a saved set of selected tabs can be saved and restored. (Yes, I figured out recently that we had multi select of tabs and i love it! :))

I don't know if it can help, I really love firefox for this cool tab pin feature, and especially combined with the container tabs.

New member

Please LOCK Pinned tabs to stop them disappearing .....

Dear Mozilla,

I really prefer your browser to that DREADED Edge browser from MS.  But, whenever I pin tabs in Firefox, they remain for several days and then for some reason one day they are ALL gone.  I can say that on one ocassion it was after an Update, however, on the other multiple ocassions, I cannot say what caused them to vanish.

Allow us to pin a series of TABs and then protect them by locking them, that includes keeping the original URL as the default load for the pinned tab.

I sometimes shut down the browser by clicking the top right X and sometimes the Exit option in the menu..... but am uncertain as to why on some ocassions the tabs vanish the next time I load Firefox from the taskbar.

Thank you.

New member

I have a lot of pinned tabs, but when I opened a new window of FF to copy a URL and then closed FF accidentally, I did not find the pinned tabs.

It is so difficult to lose your information.

New member

Totally agree with @FiddleDiddle - pinned tabs should be an option to exempt from clearing history on browser close.