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New member
Status: New idea

How about using strict kill switch like mullvad on mozilla? When disconnecting manually or after quitting mozilla vpn it can still cut internect connection. IVPN uses deep integration with firewall of windows, linux and macOS to completely protect users.


Hi! Are you saying that you'd want the OS not to be able to use the internet unless the VPN is on? (or the kill switch disabled)? That's a different interpretation of kill switch than mine, so I just want to confirm if that's what you mean.

New member

I'm also concerned about the killswitch not being strict enough, but for a different reason.

So, just want to confirm what to expect. I expected the killswitch to stop all network traffic if the VPN is enabled, even when say the mozilla VPN servers are down.

It does not do this. I just came back to look at it (being curious why my VPNed device with it turned on was seemingly visible from network devices it shouldn't be) and without even a danger badge in the system tray, it just says "couldn't connect to our services" or something. Who knows how long it had been that way. I had left it on, tried to leave it explicitly on. It was fully open to all internet traffic despite me leaving it in the "on" state.

If this is intentional it should definitely be more strict.

New member

The killswitch is definitely not strict enough. Or at least not reliable.

I've had multiple occurrences of the VPN losing connection with the servers and allowing me to browse uninterrupted with my IP fully exposed. This should never happen.

The switch should prevent all traffic outside the tunnel at all times unless and until the user expressly turns off the switch.