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Status: New idea

This came through as a question on reddit with 87 net votes, showing a screenshot of Chrome's "Search Tabs" feature (in the tab strip).


People pointed out that you can search tab titles via the address bar using the % restriction token. However, this is a bit of a multi-step process, unlike the same feature in Chrome, which allows people to do a Ctrl-shift-a and begin typing for the tab vs. the Firefox feature, which requires people to do Ctrl-l then type % space and begin typing the tab title.

Ideally, there would be a keyboard shortcut that would focus the address bar with the restriction token already populated.

Making moves

This would be killer! I only just discovered the feature in Edge and I'm using it constantly!

For Firefox, I've been using Tabby, which includes a tab preview, but it could use an update. It binds to Ctrl+Shift+Space. I've been fiddling with the source code to make a dark mode version but it's hacky.


Bring on a native version!!

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This is incredibly important. Switching tabs is one of the most frequently performed tasks, and switching tabs via tab search is much more efficient than finding a tab in a long list of open tabs.

Right now invoking this feature takes 5 (!) awkward keystrokes: Ctrl/Cmd+L, Shift+5, Space. This is incredibly cumbersome for such a useful feature that is easily used once every few minutes by power users. This task really needs to have a single customizable shortcut.

(For comparison, reopen closed tab has a much more convenient shortcut, despite the fact that it's only useful after closing a tab by accident, which happens very rarely.)

Making moves

So I found Edge does this really well actually - you hit CTRL+SHIFT+A and it brings up a tab search menu, including your recently closed tabs/tabs from your history.

It also shows the time of your last visit and can list sites you last visited weeks ago. It's also really fast and responsive.


Man this would be unreal to have in Firefox!

Strollin' around

One more issue is that when doing Ctrl-l then % is that the first result is not selected so pressing down arrow is needed...

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There's also no way to edit the "search shortcut" for Tab searches, to add another character than `%`

Strollin' around

I've been using Tabby for this too but it feels like this feature should be native. Especially when other browsers have implemented it for a while now.

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It would be great to have a keyboard shortcut. Most browsers already have this feature, and it's something I miss in Firefox.

Opera does it great by searching not only by tab title, but also by content. It would be something to keep in mind

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really need it !

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Please add this feature. It is sorely missed coming from Chromium-based browsers.

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Missing this, would be delightful.

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Seriously, please consider adding this feature. Coming from Microsoft Edge, I really miss this.

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How did Firefox become so non-keyboard-friendly? It used to be a power user browser.

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A small workaround: thanks to the documentation I found out that pressing Ctrl + Shift + Tab focuses the List All Tabs menu and from there you can press the Search tabs button to trigger the tabs search feature. Works only if the setting Ctrl+Tab cycles through tabs in recently used order is enabled in Preferences.

Making moves

There is no a single short cut, but you can do

ctrl + e  or ctrl + l, this will go to the address bar

and type a "%" symbol and space, then you can search tabs

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Should be implemented asap imho 😉