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So way back almost 3yrs ago I made the simple suggestion:
     - If Bob sends Sally ( and 3 other people ) an email saying hi, how about Thursday for a meeting?
     - Sally should be able to right click on email ---> "Convert To" ---> "Event" ---> "All Participants"
     - Sally should be able to right click on email ---> "Convert To" ---> "Event" ---> "Sender"
and then
     - ALL 5 email addresses of the people Bob sent to the original email to Sally about are automatically added to an event that Sally wants to create with the same email subject as the email that Bob sent.

Quick, quick, SUPER simple.  AND it existed in the past. Please bring this back!

In the original post that I made almost 3yrs ago: one of the thunderbird/lightening experts said, sure, it was there and then removed. Why? Who knows. But for sure 3yrs ago and certainly today EVERY email package out there does this. Else as it is today, the amount of time it takes to add 5 people for meetings ( going back and forth between the original email and the event that needs to be created ) when a SUPER simple right click add everyone or right click and add one person for a meeting takes up to ( at least ) 5 mins per each meeting to be created. Have to do 10 of these a day and that's almost TWENTY FOUR wasted days ( in hours to do this ) of our lives adding people for meetings every year and as detailed here: so it was suggested that I make the request for this very simple feature to be added back in again.

Thunderbird/Lightening developers and product managers, please for the sake of saving the average user TWENTY FOUR DAYS of their lives a year making meetings using Thunderbird/Lightening, please, please add this, so very simple piece of functionality, back in to the next version of Thunderbird/Lightening. Trust me, everyone will just love getting all those hours back in their lives 😉



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