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Status: New idea

Hi! I am currently developing a browser based cloud and Im currently figuring out how to download huge amounts of files.


-> No possibility to download multiple files at once in Firefox

-> Creating Zipfiles on serverside takes a lot of time and can be only downloaded at once

-> Creating Zipfiles on clientside overloads the RAM in a very short time

Solution: Storage Access API (Directory Picker)

-> Every file can be downloaded with an XMLHttpRequest and then instantly be written on disk

-> Downloads can be interrupted or resumed later without losing all progress

-> Double files can be checked and overwritten or not

-> Files are instantly accessable

-> No waiting for creating zip files



I know that this is maybe a security issue, but Im currently using Google Chrome because of this feature but Id like to use Firefox for this more.

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If this is the same as what Google now calls the "File System Access API", then implementing it should be a top priority for Mozilla. It would allow developers to create apps with JavaScript that are functionally similar to native apps. This would be a huge win for user privacy and security because the API tightly controls which files and directories may be accessed by which progressive web apps. It also allows users to grant and modify such permissions at any time. Additionally, because JavaScript is a scripting language, the apps are more likely than native apps to be open source or at least inspectable to some degree. Without this feature, people must rely on native apps, which usually allow access to the entire filesystem by default with no easy way to apply limitations. Additionally, compiled native apps are virtually impossible to inspect. The API is a new potential attack vector within the browser. However, the risk to users is far less than the risk they take when using native apps. Not having the ability to read and write local files is the biggest reason JavaScript is not utilised more as a general-purpose language. Implementing the File System Access API would help users control and monitor their apps. It seems like Rust could be used to implement this feature securely.