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Status: New idea

Problem : When multiple video/song streaming app (youtube) or similar apps are in play mode (having sufficient volume up), they produce noise as opened tabs are in play mode.

Current implementation :- Videos/songs both gets played irrespective of tabs are in focus or not producing noise.

Idea to fix this issue :- 1) Multiple video/song streaming app tabs can be paused if none of them is in focus.

2) If one of multiple video/song streaming app is in focus then other tabs can go for pause which will deliver meaningful content to user from focused video/song streaming tab.

3) As soon as a paused app is focused, it should start playing and other video/song stream app can go for pause.

Usecase when there is only one video/song streaming app running in browser :- It does not matter, whether app is in focus or not it should keep playing, for user might be listing to songs.

We can deliver above setting in configuration, users may choose above settings or they may go for existing settings which are there.4

Think of this as "singleton youtube app in terms of voice"

Thanks and Regards

Familiar face

Cool idea, but I think the implementation would be tricky. Firefox can already prevent autoplaying, but that's working because user hasn't 'activated' newly opened tab yet. After going to that tab, the tab can do what ever it wants. If we're talking about muting tabs if they are not active, there can be a situation where tab needs to be able to play sound even when it's not active (for example, notification chimes, calls, etc).

If you have some ideas how to work around this or other gotchas, you can put them in a comment

New member

Hi @steel835 ,

Thank you for your interest in this idea.  This idea does not mute the tab but pause it if it is not active/focused. With regards to your notification, chime etc sounds :- The core logic actually checks for number of audible tabs whether active or inactive it does not matter. So if there is a notification on an inactive/unfocused tab, we will be able to listen to it. 

"In short whole idea maintains a single audio across all tabs." 
Hope it answers your query.

New member

Hi @Jon , 

Thank your for your kudos 😊.  I want to demo this idea to you or community for that I plan to make an extension. Please suggest me further steps, how can I let other know progress on this idea.

Best Regards

Tilak Rathore