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Status: New idea

Sometimes I've started Thunderbird inadvertently, I do not enter the master password I have set and choose CANCEL on the password dialog.  Thunderbird still opens and each of the  many accounts I have setup prompts for a password.  There should be an option that Thunderbird CLSOES immediately when CANCEL is selected on the master password dialog.  With a toggleable option you have the choice of closing TB or continuing on with it's present behavior,  would still allow those who perhaps want to open ONE (or a few) accounts manually by prompting for a password. Those that simply want to close it all when cancel is selected can choose it too. 

Status changed to: New idea
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I agree with the OP when Cancel option is selected for master password it should not open the application for anyone to view the mailbox. What is the point of master password when it lets you in to the application? I thought this is supposed to be security feature.