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Status: New idea

Even though I have 16 GB of memory, Firefox sometimes eats up lots of it and/or lots of CPU when I have many windows and tabs open. 

It's impossible to find the high consuming tabs.  Give us a command or display to identify which tabs are the highest resource hogs.


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Community Manager
Community Manager

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While there is nothing as easy as what you're describing, Firefox now has a "Power" profiler that allows you to record the activity of a tab and understand its Power usage:

Make sure if you enable this to select the "Power" setting.


There is an internal page with the address about:processes that -- at least on Windows -- allows you to see Memory and CPU usage per process, and lists which tabs are in that process. Starting in Firefox 108, Shift+Esc opens that internal page.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @D4732 ,

Following up to see if our Tab Unloading feature addresses what you're looking for. Learn more here:

Looking forward to hearing more of your thoughts.


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Unfortunately about:processes doesn't work for you if you have something like this: (63021, cross-origin isolated)

You can't find it neither in the tabs list (because this domain is not open), nor in the about:debugging#/runtime/this-firefox because this worker (or what is it actually?) is registered to another domain.

You can't even copy its name because somebody set user-select: none to the whole about:processes table without ability to copy information in any other way.

So it is working somewhere, eating up to 100% of CPU and I have no other way to kill it than closing my tabs one by one and hoping that it works.