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Status: New idea

I would love to use firefox as my main browser, but as someone that extensively uses icloud keychain to store his passwords, I cannot switch to firefox from Google chrome, as only google chrome and Edge support the icloud keychain extension on windows.

New member

Dear Firefox Team. Are there any hopes for this feature? It is really important for some people (like me). Thanks for awesome work anyways.

New member

Please!! I want to use firefox on my phone😓

New member

Agreed also. Please implement this feature.

New member

Also would like this! Last Pass functionality has not been keeping up.

New member

I think this is a must have... Many people don't use firefox just because of the lack of key chain integration

New member

This is the one issue putting me off using Firefox. Please allow key chain integration. 

New member

+1, strong support, needs an "official", trusted solution. - Inofficial add-ons can't be used for such a sensitive area, even if perfectly done.

New member

Same here. For password security, i only use icloud keychain extension on my pc to fill passwords. I was using firefox for years but now i have to use edge sadly. Bring this support. Do everything. I know there is a github page that developed an extension from chrome extension but i dont trust it since its 3rd party. 

New member

Please get us an iCloud keychain extension for Firefox. I have to move back and forth to Edge

New member

Please let it happen, the missing iCloud Keychain integration is the only thing holding me back from using Firefox. 😞

New member

In 2023 AD Firefox still hasn’t got iCloud keychain enabled?? The sole reason I’m using Edge on PC and Safari on iPhone and iPad. 

New member

Yes please!

Strollin' around

While I appreciate that Firefox now supports Passkeys at the macOS level, can we not also support keychain for the passwords ? It's literally the missing piece to make FF a 100% working alternative to Safari..  Please implement this.


Strollin' around

I got the third-party add-on working thanks to an earlier comment, but I would greatly appreciate official support.

New member

agreed.  this is a much needed add on.  Want to keep my passwords in one bank, not several browsers.