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Making moves
Status: New idea

Cumulative CPU means the total amount of CPU used by the addon or tab, since measuring began.

This might be useful to measure the long-term impact of addons or tabs which aren't always busy, and so might not be caught easily by watching the about:performance tab.

Actually, the reason I want this is that I suspect one of my addons causes Firefox to slow down during startup, but then goes quiet after startup. I would like to find out which one it is!

Therefore, whilst a checkbox on the about:performance page to toggle cumulative recording would be good, I would also like:

- Recording of the data even when about:performance is not open, and

- a setting (e.g. in about:config) which would last between restarts, or

- a flag on the command-line which would turn the option on.


(If people want a similar feature for memory, I suppose it might be useful to display the peak memory usage for each addon/tab, rather than the current memory usage.)

Status changed to: New idea
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Community Manager

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Thanks for the great suggestion, @joeytwiddle. We have captured this in bugzilla so that it appears in our teams' backlogs.