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Strollin' around
Status: In development

In 2023 it became absolete to show "https://" to every single page user visits, because the majority of websites has long shifted to using https protocol by default. Moreover, recent versions of Firefox force any website to use https protocol by default anyway.

However, Firefox is probably the only one left amongst all the major modern browsers showing "https://" prefix for every single page — which not only makes no practical sense nowadays, but also takes users attention away from the actual domain name, potentially making them easier victims for scammers.

There exists browser.urlbar.trimURLs config flag, enabled by default, but due to the old bug it hides only obsolete "http://" protocol prefix — which, considering modern security standards, should be always visible and emphasized instead.

Status changed to: New idea
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I just wanted to jump in here to mention that it's something we're currently working on changing, along with related privacy and security changes that will help in the scenario where we want to inform people when they are browsing a non-HTTPS site. If things go according to plan, it should be available in a future release coming soon.

Status changed to: In development
Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey all,

Good news...

This is being worked on — check out @cbellini's post for some details and stay tuned for updates.

Thanks for sharing your feedback and ideas here on Mozilla Connect 🙌

Strollin' around

NO, but only as option!

Strollin' around

As an option, this may be nice, but it must be possible to still show the prefix. It is generally bad to hide important information.

Making moves

I want the full URL (including prefix) to be present in the address bar so I can copy it to the clipboard. I wouldn't object to an option that allows you to hide the prefix, but it should be just that: optional.

Making moves

If the URL is being shown, hiding the schema should be opt-in, considering Firefox allows you to browse *valid* contents in any of a valid number of schemas of which HTTP/S are only two of them.



Note : the css code is unrelated to the subject
Another subject to read about browser.urlbar.trimHttps
My Firefox Nightly screenshot, you don't see https, and that's normal, browser.urlbar.trimHttps, default value true

And for your information, currently under Firefox release
Search for a preference browser.urlbar.trimHttps default value false
If you want to try true

Under Firefox esr currently 115
The preference, browser.urlbar.trimHttps, does not exist
Creating the preference, browser.urlbar.trimHttps, is pointless
Behind an about:config entry, there's a script, no corresponding script, so creating the preference is useless

Making moves

I general, I don't like the idea of hiding information from the user. I like to always see the http or https part, and I tell people to look at it for safety reasons. But I would not object to an option to hide it.

Making moves

I also don't want it to be hidden always. That information is important. It's useful to know what is the exact URL that is accessed.

Make this optional.