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It would be nice for donators to hide the Donation page when opening Thunderbird and show them instead info about their donation for example.

This could be done by checking the account that has the same email address than the donator's (from PayPal, ...), what do you think?

Thank you for reading me!

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Thunderbird the application is very privacy oriented,  so the application has no idea if someone is a donor or not.  That is a transaction between the management company and you.  It does not actually impact the use of the program.  To implement this, the application would need to have unique identifying information for donors (you) to actually give them special access to features or limit the display of web pages on startup.  Simpler for Thunderbird to not have any idea if you are a donor or not.

If you do not want to see the request,  simply change the startup web page in the options/Preferences/setting to another web page.  Like,  or some other page that has some useful significance to you.


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Hi, I donated £16.50, to Thunderbird on 5th June. since then I've had several requests to donate when opening Thunderbird Please, come on give us a break.

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@shakymant2 Currently the application does not phone home your personal data. It has no idea if you are a donor or not.

Are you saying you would be happy to have the application feed in some personally identifying information just to check with the server if you are a donor before it starts?  I am not.  I would rather put up with the page and close it than send Mzla details identifying me and every use I make of the software.  I might as well use web mail if I am going to be doing that.